Nearly 400 SHARK 450BSW moving beams light up Taiwan Kaohsiung Christmas Light Show

Nearly 400 LIGHTSKY SHARK 450BSW moving beams light up Taiwan Christmas Light Show, the largest light show in Kaohsiung is a city in the southwestern part of Taiwan, China, and the time is from November 19, 2022 to January 2, 2023.

The Kaohsiung Christmas Light Show in Taiwan connects the Kaohsiung Pop Music Center, the light rail, and the seven bridges of the Love River Waters, presenting a 7-kilometer-long light show stage. The most eye-catching scene is the high-flow building transformed into the largest Christmas main light in Taiwan. With the projection, it can capture the figure of a large Christmas tree and romantic snowflakes.

At the same time, this largest Christmas lighting festival in Taiwan all uses LIGHTSKY IP66 Beam & BSW-SHARK450BSW. With CMY Color Mixing System, prism wheel(3 pcs prism )+ 1 prism, Multiple prism combination, Outdoor Moving Beam -SHARK 450BSW can provides various and remote beam lights according to the Christmas light show ‘s music.

LIGHTSKY Lamp moving head- SHARK 450BSW adopts aluminum cover, cooling fan speed adjust automatically,full metal housing with the latest USB upgrade system,suitable for most circumstance.

A series of urban lights and shadows produced by Outdoor Moving Beam– SHARK 450BSW make people feel the romantic atmosphere of Christmas.

 More pics can be seen in the following.