The Beam Light from Light Sky: One of the Success Factors of Music Festivals


Every occasion needs its unique considerations for lighting; after all, one size doesn’t fit all, and therefore for music festivals, the beam light seems to be the best option. Lighting choices for the music festival are crucial in enhancing the mood and atmosphere so that all the attending can fully immerse themselves in the world of music. In this article, we will be looking at the factors you should consider before buying the best beam lights for your festival – continue reading to learn more.

Things to Consider When Choosing the Right Beam Lights

Beam lights lie at the core of a successful event, and hence making sure you get the right lighting equipment to support your endeavor is of paramount importance. Below, we have listed some factors that you should take into your consideration to get your hands on the LED stage lights and ensure your festival remains a huge success:

  • Waterproof: First, you shouldmake sure that your lighting equipment is waterproof because most live events like music festivals are held outdoors, and it is good to know that your lighting equipment can survive rainy weather.
  • Color: Color is another factor you should consider, as the lighting effects matter the most when it comes to event lighting, for example,beam lights. The lighting should be bright with a high purity color to provide a stunning visual experience to the attendees.
  • Performance and service life: Lastly,don’t forget to pay attention to the durability of a beam light since it’s a hefty investment; you should never be negligent regarding its life span.

Best Beam Light Available on the Market

Light Sky provides the most versatile and powerful stage lights for sale, and our LUNAR BSW is currently one of the best beam lights available on the market. Its high performance makes it ideal for any outdoor event, including a music festival. Given that, below, we have enlisted some of the best features offered by the LUNAR BSW beam light from Light Sky.

  • High strength, waterproof, dustproof, and anti-corrosive: The LUNAR BSW beam lightis of high strength and also conforms requirement for being waterproof, oil-proof, and dust-proof while providing unbeatable performance. And the lamp lifespan might reach up to 4000H.
  • High quality and super quiet: Overall, the beam light equipment under discussion is not only of high quality butalso comes with a powerful motor that doesn’t create much noise in an already noise-filled environment of the music festival.
  • Fast reaction speed, bright color:Generally, moving light fixtures consume less power than other LED fixtures, but the brightness of such light is questionable. However, the LUNAR BSW beam light is free from such trade-offs as it offers a fast reaction speed and maintains its brightness while equally consuming less power.
  • Lightweight, Easy-to-Install, and Use: Last but not least, it has a compact design to become lightweight, which makes it highly portable, and the installation is a breeze.

About Light Sky

We have stood out as an industry leader for over 30 years now, with a solid commitment to research, development, and manufacturing of the highest quality products. Besides beam lighting equipment, various other products offered by the company involve but are not limited to outdoor moving laser, LED moving spot profile, LED moving wash, and growing lighting.


Outdoor lighting equipment needs to be resistant to moisture, dust, and corrosion. Concerning that, Light Sky provides far more than the nitty-gritty to deliver an unforgettable visual experience to your audience. Therefore, please don’t hesitate to reach out in case of any of your queries.