Lightsky’s Latest Whale Beam Lights Steal the Show at Guangzhou International Light Festival 2023

The Guangzhou International Light Festival, one of the world’s three major light festivals, will reopen in 2023 to attract citizens and tourists. As a symbol of Guangzhou’s humanistic spirit, this International Light Festival opened from November 21st to November 30th, showcasing the city’s charming night view and cultural charm. Lightsky is pleased to participate in this event, bringing more than 100 new professional whale beam lights to illuminate Guangzhou.

Under the theme of “Dazzling the Bay Area, Shining Guangzhou, and Building the Future Intelligently,” the festival featured two main venues: the “New Central Axis Venue” (Huacheng Square, Haixinsha Asian Games Park, Canton Tower) and the “One River and Two Straits Venue” (24 architectural media facades along Yanjiang Road, Haixin Bridge, Liede Bridge). A total of 25 sets of light and shadow artworks were simultaneously lit up to kick off the show.

Lightsky’s latest waterproof moving head beams–Whale Beam, showcased a high-precision optical system with a 200mm lens diameter. These beams projected from the iconic Canton Tower, illuminating the surrounding area with full beams, clear spots, high illumination, and long-distance output.Plus, With an IP66 rating, these lights were perfectly suited for outdoor use.

Featuring the USHIO NSLU5 lamp, the Whale Beam lights boasted a lifespan of 4000 hours and offered 8 prisms + 24 prisms. The multi-prism combination effect created a variety of stunning prism effects, adding a strong three-dimensional touch to the display. With an impressive light output of 910000@10m and an Ra value of 80, these Whale Beam lights produced bright and saturated colors. Leveraging modern light and shadow technology and creativity, they fully demonstrated Guangzhou’s thousand-year urban context, cultural context, and business context. The innovation they brought to the festival was truly captivating.

Not only did the Lightsky’s Whale Beam lights offer exceptional performance, but they were also compact, lightweight, and highly responsive in horizontal and vertical positioning. This versatility made them suitable for a wide range of performance venues such as concerts, stage performances, weddings, corporate events, parties, theaters, and car shows.

In conclusion, the Lightsky’s Whale Beam lights played a crucial role in enhancing the viewing experience for both citizens and tourists. Their radiant glow illuminated both sides of the Pearl River, painting the Flower City in vibrant hues. We are looks forward to showcasing more of its lighting creations at future events worldwide, continuing to spread enchantment through light.Visit this website to learn more about Lightsky’s products.

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