LIGHTSKY Mini Lunar & F400BSW Light UP Armania Phuket Upscale Nightclub

LIGHTSKY moving head light F400BSW & Mini Lunar light up Armania Phuket Upscale Nightclub in the island of Phuket ,Thai.

What’s your definition of a good Nightclub? Good live music?  Vibrant dancing?  Or the perfect Bar lighting show?

Armania Phuket meets your all definition of the bar. “Great saxophone player and light show. Nice ambiance. This place is cool.” This is a real feedback from a fan of the bar.

LIGHTSKY Moving head beam fixtures are very happy to be chosen by this bar lighting designer. The bar uses 20 PCS LIGHTSKY Moving Beam Spot Wash -F400BSW and 64 PCS Lamp Moving Beam-Mini Lunar, which are mainly installed on the top of the whole bar to show the light show.

Nightclub lighting design requirements are very flexible, not limited to a certain color of light. LIGHTSKY Moving head beam-MINI LUNAR Using USHIO NSL 301 long-life lamp,provide a powerful beam light, strong visual impact. With 14 colors + open color wheel, Bi-direction rotation and rainbow effect, Lamp moving beam -MINI LUNAR creates a warm atmosphere, can be switched to meet the needs of different event scenes.

There are many areas in the bar, and different lighting methods and lamps need to be selected according to different spaces and places. But if you use LIGHTSKY Moving head beam-F400BSW, it can save you a lot of trouble. F400BSW is a more professional updated Beam Spot Wash 3 in 1 moving head light,Beam Projection 0-1.5°,Spot Projection 1.5-20°,Meet your diverse needs.

This first renaissance-inspired upscale nightclub in the island of Phuket that will offer you an unforgettable party experience, especially with the amazing light show using LIGHTSKY moving beams.