LIGHTSKY Moving Head AQUAPEARL-PRO Shine at Moscow Chess & Jazz Festival

LIGHTSKY AQUAPEARL-PRO shine at Chess & Jazz Festival. It was held on 30th-31st July, 2022 in the Hermitage Garden, Moscow, Russia. 

We received another feedback from our dear users, the Union-Pro company. Lighting designer Oleg Panferov worked at the Chess &Jazz Festival in Moscow this weekend. We are happy to share this review with you.

“Once again I had a chance to work with one of my favorite rental companies – Union Pro. And once again we were lucky with the platform. It was the third annual Chess and Jazz Chess & Jazz festival, and it was held in the Hermitage Garden in Moscow.

On the vast lawn, people played chess and participated in various activities, and Feduk with a jazz program, Zoloto, Anikv, Tosya Chaikina, Anton MS, Pompeya performed on stage. A special project of the festival was the Kito Jempere Orchestra — a live orchestra of the All Stars Band with the participation of guest stars, and the headliner of the second day was Leonid Agutin.

The light setup pleased me all three days of work – a whole day dedicated to programming, and the next two days of the festival. Of course, it was a special pleasure to work with the already beloved wash AQUAPEARL-PRO from Light Sky. 44 AQUAPEQRL-PRO worked on the big stage. Insanely bright, nimble, with a wonderful fast zoom and an external aura-effect wheel, they not only performed the function of back light, sidelight and frontal lighting, but also played the role of chess pieces, sitting on an improvised chessboard of LED pixel bars.”

Thanks for the sharing from our partner IMAGESHOW.

Light Sky AQUAPEARL-PRO is a long-life, high-performance outdoor moving head light. The LED moving head wash light has excellent light quality, a wide selection of colors, and a high protection level for permanent outdoor use. If you are interested in our product,pls get in touch with us, and our team of experts will get back to you as soon as possible.