LIGHTSKY AURORA Moving Head Lighting up “90’s Pop Tour” El Salvador

On October 29, 2022,LIGHTSKY Moving Head Beam–AURORA lights up the “90’s Pop Tour” concert at Cuscatlán Stadium in El Salvador, with a capacity of 53,400 is the largest football venue in El Salvador and Central America.

The “90’s Pop Tour” concert, a music tour in Mexico produced by BOBO Producciones, is one of the most successful tours of all time in Mexico with over 3 million tickets sold. in addition to Mexico, the project was brought to the United States, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador and Costa Rica.

The “90’s Pop Tour” in El Salvador features well-known artists such as Magneto, Fey, Garibaldi, JNS, Benny, Opposite Senses, Erik Rubin, Lynda. These artists were performed the greatest songs of the 90s. 

The stage lighting designer of the “90’s Pop Tour ” chose LIGHTSKY Moving head light –AURORA to provide the audience with high-quality performances full of lighting and dancing.

One of the keys to a great show is excellent stage lighting effect. According to different songs, it is an important challenge for many stage lighting designers to display high-brightness beam lights of different colors and create a variety of stage atmospheres. However, with the help of LIGHTSKY moving head light-AURORA’s 3+1 double prisms and various prism combination effect, 13 colors + white, bidirectional rainbow effect, these can be easily realized.

IP20 Moving Head– Aurora has been a favorite lighting partner of stage lighting designers since its release for various events such as show/concert, opening ceremony, stadium, theater and TV show lighting, etc. Besides being able to create diverse and spectacular stage effects on the stage, it is also extremely durable and long-lasting. Many business partners have given us positive feedback, this is a reliable fixture that is flexible and works well even after many uses on large stages.

The “90’s Pop Tour” concert brought together the artists’ hits with their best stage lighting effects and dance moves, as Salvadorans sang their performances in a show that lasted nearly three hours. It’s a night of nostalgia, dancing and endless memories, with 90’s music and LIGHTSKY moving head lights .

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