Advice on Relocating Head Stage Lights from LIGHT SKY

Can you imagine how a live concert stage, theater performance, orchestra concert, or television studio could be more visually stimulating for the audience without moving head stage lights? The investment in lighting has ushered in a new era of stage lighting, which is currently utilized by almost all professional show producers.

The Meaning and Application Of Moving Head Stage Lights

Therefore, this form of stage lighting refers to lighting devices that can be either movable and rented by various individuals or permanently fixed on the stage. Moving head stage lights are fitted with a moving head component that enables a variety of capabilities and lighting customizations, even though there are multiple installation methods.

A wide range of user sectors is made feasible by the presence of numerous functionalities. For instance, moving head stage lighting can be observed in the theater, dance performances, choirs, live concerts, Parties, DJ shows, and outdoor events (this is the case where we especially use outdoor moving head lights.

Typical Characteristics of Moving Head Stage Lights

  • Concentrate the audience’s focus

When the singer is left alone with the microphone, when the stage is occupied by a single actor, or when the host of a Party grabs the microphone to address the guests, it should be obvious where to look. This function is served by moving head stage lights, which guide the audience’s attention to points of interest.

  • Create a mood for the scene

Each performance has its own identity, personality, and atmosphere. For instance, the correct lighting and color scheme can express an emotional meaning through a performance by establishing the proper atmosphere.

  • Create an environment

People attend a performance using all their emotions. To get the most out of such an experience, even the stage spotlights must be tuned for each moment’s aesthetic.


The AQUAPEARL-PRO is an IP66 outdoor LED moving head beam wash that can be considered the outdoor equivalent of the Beeeye, featuring 19pcs *40W RGBW 4-in-1 LED chips. Featuring an LED chip of steady performance and individual LED control, this stage light offers LED Beam and Wash in one, high brightness, extended distance, and a vast array of applications.

There are four sorts of dimming options for kaleidoscope effects, and once activated, the stage can be illuminated and continuously rotated 360 degrees. The sophisticated control of three working modes is ideal for professional stage performance.

The color calibration and rotatable front lens allow the user to create a high-performance lighting show, while the wide zoom angle and outdoor usability make it a professional instrument.

Last Words

The LIGHT SKY is motivated by the desire to reach the top. The company’s overall strategy emphasizes pragmatism, innovation, enterprise, and mutual assistance. We strive to offer all series of high-quality stage lights at competitive costs and with a quick turnaround time. Contact us for more information on any moving head stage lights!