LIGHTSKY LED PAR SIRENA:add a unique color to your show and city

LIGHTSKY ’s new member SIRENA of the LED PAR fixture series add a unique color to your show and city. With the development of the city, urban architectural lighting design is also developing rapidly. Outdoor lighting design is one of the most important factors in architectural lighting design. An excellent outdoor lighting installation can not only meet your stage lighting needs, but also give your building a unique style.

LIGHTSKY LED PAR SIRENA is a good choice for outdoor architectural lighting. The ability to provide high-brightness lighting is the most basic criteria for our selection of lighting fixture. With 48pcs x 15W RGBL LEDs, SIRENA fixture has high photosynthetic efficiency, high-brightness and long life span(over20000H).It can not only meet the high requirements of architectural lighting, but also save energy and have good environmental performance.

LIGHTSKY’s city color LED lighting SIRENA has a built-in color calibration system, with good color mixing consistency, and casts a uniform and soft wash light, which is ideal for projecting the walls of buildings and creating a unique atmosphere.

Different stage lighting brings different visual effects experience to the stage. IP66 LED PAR SIRENA can also be an excellent partner for stage lighting designers. With long-distance and large-scale wash light, LED stage lighting SIRENA can render the stage color, set off the characters on the stage, and enhance the effect and atmosphere of the stage performance. With 4 independently controllable LED zones, wide CT range (3000K-8500K), stage lighting designers can flexibly control the luminaire SIRENA to get the lighting effects they want, showing a higher level of art.

Diversified optional accessories create more possibilities. Native beam angle of LED PAR SIRENA is 18 ° (Optional 10 °, 25 °, 35 °), there are 2 types of Barndoor and 4 types of Beam angle filter as optional accessories. You can realize the beam through these accessories Random change of angle. With waterproof, dustproof and oilproof design,IP66 LED PAR SIRENA resistant for indoor and outdoor use. Suitable for buildings, walkways, gardens, shows/concerts, bars, etc.