LIGHT SKY F450II and F1700WB-P shines for the opening ceremony of the 15th Chifeng Cultural Festival

On August 22, 2022, LIGHT SKY Moving Head F450II and F1700WB-P shines for the opening ceremony of the 15th Chifeng Cultural Festival. Chifeng, located in the eastern part of China’s Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, with a population of 4.2995 million.

This is a highly regarded festival party, hosted by the Chifeng Municipal People’s Government and organized by the Chifeng Municipal Culture and Tourism Government.

The opening ceremony performance of the festival is divided into six parts: “Preface”, “Red Memory”, “Golden Earth”, “Green Imagination”, “Blue Dream Chasing” and “End”. It combines songs, dances, drone performances and other forms.

For this kind of professional stage that integrates various performance forms, the requirements for the surface light, dyeing and paving of the stage are very high. To create a perfect fusion atmosphere, you need to choose a professional and suitable moving head light.

The stage lighting designer of Chifeng Municipal Culture and Tourism Government chose LIGHTSKY moving head beam F450II and moving spot profile F1700WB-P as the main force of this stage lighting.

LIGHTSKY 450W Moving Head Light F450II is loved by stage lighting engineers. with 8 prism + 16 double prism + prism combination, beam angle 0-2.0°, with 1 white + 14 color wheel, quickly produce rainbow effect, easily provide a uniform light spot, high-brightness beam light, and create brilliant lighting effects. IP20 moving head F450II with unique USB software upgrading system, one button upgrade function, portable and easy to install, which is one of the reasons why many people choose it.

LED moving spot profile F1700WB-P, Adopt OSRAM lok-it HTI 1700PS Lamp, with a color rendering index of Ra≥90, providing a sharp, high-brightness beam light, suitable for stage front lighting. With beam mode zoom:4-45 ° WASH mode zoom:7-68 °, which is also suitable for both long-distance projection and large-area spreading at close range.

LIGHT SKY Moving Head Lights F450II and F1700WB-P perfect creating a unique stage atmosphere and stage effect. The 15th Chifeng Culture Opening Ceremony ended successfully.


More pics can be seen in the following.