Everything About Choosing a Moving Head Beam Light


Moving head beam lights are the pinnacle of modern stage lighting equipment. They are used in a wide range of scenarios for illumination, as well as decorative purposes. Although their usage was not so prominent a few decades ago, they sell like hotcakes nowadays. Every event, like a concert, exhibition, holiday ceremony, or other public events, uses moving head beam lights today. 

This article discusses how you can choose the perfect moving head beam light for your needs. But first, let’s look at a few advantages of using them in the first place. 

Advantages of Using Moving Head Beam Lights

Why are the moving head beam lights so popular? Here are a few advantages of using moving head beam lights. 

  1. Low Power Consumption

Moving head beam lights are more power-efficient than older traditional luminance lights. When several of them are used in conjunction at an event, you can save a lot of power and cut down the bills by a great margin. 

  1. Low Thermal Radiation

They don’t produce a lot of heat. Traditional luminance bulbs generate a lot of heat wherever they are used. However, that’s not the case with beam lights. Instead, they produce a minimum amount of heat radiation, meaning the indoor environments never get heated up due to their heat. Furthermore, less heat radiation also means less wastage of power and more safety. 

  1. Durability 

Moving head beam lights are super durable. They are built to be used in extreme weather conditions like heavy rains and thunderstorms if you choose the outdoor stage lights produced from the experienced manufacturer as Light Sky. That means you never have to worry about them getting wet during rainfalls while used in the outdoor stages. Furthermore, these lights can last you for a lifetime. 

  1. Various Attractive Colors

Moving head beam lights can produce a varying number of colors. For example, users can output lights of multiple colors from the same light fixture. What’s more, the colors can mix and match coming out of each fixture to ensure the most color-accurate results based on your needs. 

Choosing Tips of the Best Moving Head Beam Light

While knowing the advantages of moving head beam lights, how do you choose the most suitable beam lights? Keep the following considerations in mind:

  • The Usage Scenario 

First of all, users need to have a clear idea of what scenarios to use the new light. For instance, some lights are low in power and are recommended for decorative purposes. High power lights are more suited for use cases where you need them to illuminate the area. And it is necessary to choose the beam lights according to the show’s content.

  • The Stage Range of Light

Different stage lights cover different levels of surface area for illumination. Simply put, some lights can focus the light on a wider surface area while the others are focused on smaller areas. Pick a light that fits perfectly with your specific use case. And the buyer needs to determine the quantity of moving head lights and installation locations according to the scope of the stage to achieve the best stage effect.

  • Project Budget 

The project budget is also a major contributing factor in the decision-making. However, be noted that lower quality moving head beam lights may not serve to be a good long-term investment. They may go out of order faster, require more maintenance, and you will have to purchase a replacement earlier. 

  • Purchase from a Reliable Stage Lighting Supplier

The last and the most obvious tip is to pick a reliable stage lighting supplier. If the supplier doesn’t manufacture or sell high-quality equipment built to stand the test of time, customers can’t rely on them to sell the best quality lights. So if you are looking fa a trusted and experienced stage lighting supplier, Light Sky is definitely your best choice.

Light Sky Sells the Highest-Quality Beam Lights at Affordable Prices

Light Sky has been manufacturing and selling the best quality beam lights since 1995. As an experienced stage lighting supplier, we have performed research and development to improve our products to meet or even exceed the latest industry standards throughout the years. The stage lights are built to stand the test of time while providing the highest-quality illumination the market offers.


AQUAPEARL-PRO is an outdoor LED moving head beam wash with stable performance and a long life span. It is energy-saving with 19pcs OSRAM  LED chips, and each LED chip takes 40 watts of power. But it has high brightness and can shine long distances. To get your desired color pallet, you can mix and match the LEDs with the built-in color calibration system. It’s IP66-rated with intense dust and water resistance.


It’s an outdoor 450W moving head beam spot wash 3 in 1 light with a built-in CMY color calibration system. In addition to the IP66 waterproof rating, it has the following advantages: built-in long-life battery, remote control and cooling system, OPC, and over-temperature protection. With an all-metal housing and the latest USB upgrade system, SHARK450BSW is the perfect choice for outdoor stage lighting.

A Final Word

Moving head beam lights are a popular choice for indoor and outdoor event lighting solutions. This article gives you all the information you need to pick the right light for your needs. If you’re on the lookout for a trusted manufacturer and supplier of moving head beam lights, be sure to check out Light Sky. Click our website for more information! https://en.lightsky.com.cn/