Which LED Moving Head Light is Better — Beam, Spot, or Wash?


LED moving head lights are trendy nowadays. They’re found everywhere, from theatres to live performances and exhibitions to concerts. Various types of outdoor moving head lights are used for several purposes.

However, as there is more than one type of LED moving head lights, many people often get confused thinking about each type. If you have been in a similar situation, this article is for you. This post breaks down the differences between the three most common types of outdoor moving head lights, i.e., beam, spot, and wash. Let’s get started.

Three Most Popular Types of Moving Led Head Lights

There are three main categories of outdoor moving head lights. They are as follows.

  • Moving Head Beam Lights

Beam lights are the narrowest among the three. They produce thin and sharp light beams that cut through the air and go long distances. Due to their narrow surface area, they are mostly used as decorative elements for an event.

  • Moving Head Spot Lights

Spot lights are widely used in scenarios where you need to focus on something specific. For example, the light beams produced by spot lights aren’t as narrow as a moving head beam light, but they are still sharp. Stage spotlights are best used in concerts and live performances where you need to focus the light on a specific subject.

  • Moving Head Wash Lights

Wash lights are another popular component of outdoor stage lighting. The luminance produced by a wash light isn’t sharp and has softer edges. Those softer edges, however, let you illuminate a large surface area. The moving head wash lights are best suited for use cases when you need to illuminate a large area, like a sports playing field.

The Similarities Between Them

Even though all these types of LED moving head lights are different in many ways, there are some key similarities between them. To begin with, all of these lights are based on the same LED technology. They use light-emitting diodes to project the light beam in the required direction. Furthermore, another similarity between them is their movement. All of these can be freely moved from different angles by you to get the best results.

The Differences Between Them

Despite the similarities between the types mentioned above of outdoor moving headlights, some key differences set them apart.

The first difference is related to the light width. As said in the previous section, beam lights are the narrowest among the bunch. They are like lasers cutting through the environment to produce a beautiful effect. Spot lights are thicker in their surface area; they can easily fit in an artist, a group of artists, or a band during a concert. On the third hand, Wash lights are the widest among the bunch. They are best used to illuminate an entire area rather than put a spotlight on a certain spot.

The second difference is the edge sharpness. Beam and spot LED moving head lights to have sharper edges. On the other hand, Wash lights have softer edges and easily spread throughout the area they’re used.

Each type has its unique use case

The Benefits of Using These LED Moving Head Lights

Even though these outdoor moving head lights are different in more than a few ways, we can’t say that one is better than the other. These LED moving head lights are equally great as they have their fair share of use cases. For instance, beam lights are best used for decorations; spot lights are suited for focusing on a subject, while wash lights are amazing for illuminating an entire area.

The Bottom Line

There are three main types of LED moving head lights, and we hope you can identify their difference and advantages from our article. However, no matter the beam, spot, or wash LED moving head lights, Light Sky has got you covered. We have been developing and selling LED products for more than 20 years now. You can rest assured every tape of stage lights you purchase from us will last for a long time.

After deciding which type of outdoor moving head light you want, check out our products list to find the best-suited item for your needs.