Top Tips About Moving Head Stage Lights From Light Sky


Can you imagine how a live concert stage, a theater show, an orchestra concert, or a TV studio could be more vivid for the spectator’s eyes without moving head stage lights? The lighting investment has brought a new era of lighting in live stages and is now widely used by hardly all professional show operators! 

Definition And Usage Of Moving Head Stage Lights

So, when it comes to this type of stage lights, we are talking about lighting devices that can be either portable and rented by different people or installed permanently on stage. Despite the different installation ways, the functionality is still effective, as moving head stage lights are equipped with a moving head component that makes various capabilities and lighting customizations available.

A large number of different functionalities makes possible a wide range of user sectors. For example, moving head stage lights can be spotted in theatre, dance shows, choirs, live concerts, parties, DJ performances, and outdoor events (this is the case where we especially use outdoor moving head lights). 

Common Features Of Moving Head Stage Lights

  1. Select visible area

First and foremost, we have the part of the practical usage. Light operators, mainly in theaters and shows with people, want to optimize the stage’s visibility by adapting the lighting, for example, darkening the sides of the stage for the actors to go off the stage without interrupting the show’s flow. 

  1. Focus the audience’s attention 

When the singer stays alone with his mic, when the stage is left with only one actor or when the party’s host catches the mic to speak to the participants, it should be clear for everyone where to look. Moving head stage lights play this part and direct attendance’s attention to the points of interest.

  1. Set a tone of the scene 

Each performance has its character, its personality, its vibe. For example, the right lighting and color combination can convey an emotional meaning through the performance – crafting the appropriate mood. 

  1. Create an atmosphere 

People attend a show utilizing all of their feelings. To get the most out of such an experience, even the stage spotlights should always be optimized to the aesthetic of each moment. 

With its expertise in the lighting sector, Light Sky has introduced two series of moving head stage light products, and we are to have a quick review. 



The AQUAPEARL-PRO is IP66 outdoor LED moving head beam wash, which can be treated as an outdoor version Beeeye, with 19pcs *40W OSARM 4in1 LED chip.  At the same time, with a LED chip of stable performance and individual LED control, this stage light provides LED Beam and Wash in one, high brightness, long-distance, and Wide range of applications.

There are four types of dimming options for kaleidoscope effects, and once it turns on, it can be shinning and infinite rotating in 360 degrees in the stage. Three working modes can be controlled intelligently, which is very suitable for the professional stage show.

The color calibration and rotating front lens let the user make a high-performance lighting show, while the wide zoom angle and the ability for outdoor use make it a tool for professionals.  


  • Outdoor Discharge BSW series (SHARK series) 

The shark series adopt the powerful 450W Ushio lamp, which has enough brightness. This equipment can meet different stage light requirements with BEAM, SPOT, WASH, 3 in 1 function. The color wheel with six colors, including single white, the shark series has a kaleidoscope and rainbow effect, which can rotate bi-direction. SHARK series is IP66 rated, can be permanent outdoor installation for a long time.

There is an intelligent control system to make a record. The LCD screen shows the using time, device’s temperature, and channel date, easy to use. 

Light Sky In The Field Of Stage Lighting

For Light Sky, the journey started back in 1993 with the first product launch in China. Growing with passion, 1995 brought the first domestic stage lighting digital system developed by Light Sky. 

Then, in 1996 the first analog signal mirror-type reflective computer light in China was developed and designed. Two years later, the first generation RGB250 computer moving headlight had made its appearance. 

During the years followed, the company kept innovation and enriching its variety in lighting products, with the last being in 2020, the first launch powerful outdoor led moving head beam wash light AQUAPEARL-PRO

Final Words

The Light Sky is led by the mindset of being the next top. The whole company’s direction is focused on pragmatism, innovation, enterprising, and mutual support. We hope to offer customers all series quality stage lights with competitive prices and fast lead time. If you want more information on any moving head stage lights, contact us!