Best Way to Set a Mood With LED Moving Wash on Stages


LED moving wash lighting plays an important role in stage lighting. It is easy to install, and it helps set the desired atmosphere on stage. This combined with its various unique features makes it an ideal choice for stage shows, dance clubs, discos, bars, exhibitions, and more. The plethora of benefits of this type of lighting has led to its popularity in a relatively short amount of time. Read on to learn how exactly it sets a mood on stage, product recommendations in this category, and more.

How Does LED Moving Wash Set a Mood?

LED moving wash lighting is designed as stage lighting to highlight particular objects, create texture over objects, and more. It can set a mood at a stage show, event, festival, or other occasions by performing various key functions. These specific functions include the following:


  • Multiple Colors

LED moving wash is capable of producing light featuring a wide variety of colors. By mixing various lighting colors, it outputs different mood signals. And since there is freedom of movement, the lighting can move freely, swing, and rotate to illuminate everything in a desired area. The changing of colors also helps attract audiences’ attention.

  • Accent Lighting

LED moving wash light is suitable for outdoor spaces. It creates visual interest with the use of accent lighting, which adds drama to an event and makes it more exciting and memorable. The amazing color spectrums produced by it intensify the mood that you have created for your event or stage shows.

  • Ambient Lighting

Finally, LED moving wash lights can also produce ambient lighting to help the audience see the actors’ expressions clearly. Because of this feature, they are an excellent choice for live musical concerts and plays.

Pearl Wash Multifunctional Wash Fixture

For the best experience, you want your outdoor moving head light to have multifunctioning capability in addition to a wide range of RGB color mixing modes, excellent light output capability, a variety of effects, and more. Light Sky is a renowned intelligent LED lighting brand that offers many products that meet these criteria. Our popular Pearl Wash LED moving wash is a recommended choice.


Designed specifically for stages, this product offers many unique features and advantages, such as:

  • Durable and long-lasting (Lifespan: 30000 hours)
  • Excellent light output (45514 lux at 3m)
  • RGBL color mixing mode with stunning macro effects, fade effects, temperature adjustment, and more
  • Multifunctional LED moving wash lighting. Both wash and beam functions are available
  • Suitable for a wide variety of applications
  • 7-55° linear zoom with accurate positioning
  • 0-100% flicker-free dimming capability
  • High-precision optical system with PMMA lens
  • Automatic tilt and pan capability
  • 77-inch TFT display screen
  • DMX-512 protocol with upgrade support


Intelligent stage lighting has quickly replaced traditional light sources because of its amazing advantages and capability to set the desired mood with ease. Because of the increasing demand, more and more LED moving wash lighting products are being introduced in the market. Reliable products like Pearl Wash by Light Sky are a preferred choice of consumers because of their many unique features.


Founded in 1993, Light Sky has been specializing in manufacturing intelligent lighting products to satisfy the most demanding industry standards. Over the years, the brand has, time and again, pushed the limits of the professional LED lighting industry toward a more intelligent, efficient, and flexible approach.


Through dedication and research, Light Sky has created numerous products like Pearl Wash to revolutionize the way the entertainment industry decorates stages and events with lighting. You can learn more about the company and our advanced lighting solutions by visiting our website.