Tips for Using and Maintaining Outdoor Moving Head Lights

An important type of stage lighting, outdoor moving head light is mostly used for stage lighting surface light, side light, etc. Through the proper use and routine maintenance, an outdoor moving head light can extend its service life, saving money on frequent repairs and the purchase of new lights and lanterns. In addition, it may restore the outdoor moving head light to optimal condition.

Practical Utilization Advice:


As a collection of electrical devices, mechanical equipment, and electronic optics, and as a product of new technology, outdoor moving head lights are effectively utilized to increase their service life and economic benefits.


  1. Select Lights with Waterproof Capabilities


Continuously effective work necessitates that the body of the stage light is not distorted, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, shock-resistant, or pressure-resistant. Specifically, outdoor moving head lights must adhere to stringent waterproof, dustproof, anti-static, and moisture-proof standards.


IP44 is the standard protection rating for outdoor stage lighting. LIGHT SKY’s outdoor moving head lights have an IP66 waterproof rating, making them suitable for harsher situations.


  1. Construct and Employ the Appropriate Circuit


Using the correct circuit ensures the proper operation of stage lighting. If the power supply’s current and voltage are insufficient, the luminous output and luminous effect of the outdoor moving head light may be affected.


  1. Prevent Electric Shock and High Voltage


Even though outdoor moving head lights are more weatherproof than standard stage lights, they cannot be used during a rainstorm or in a damp area. However, if they must be utilized, get anti-static stage lights and use stage lighting rain covers.


  1. Be mindful of heat dissipation


Before use, preheating at a low temperature is recommended. Outdoor moving head light ideal ambient temperature should not exceed 45°C; if this value is exceeded, the lamps must be suspended and cooled. A temperature that is too high will cause the operating current of LEDs to increase, so directly impacting their service life.


In addition to careful use to prevent damage from improper operation of stage lighting equipment, routine maintenance of stage lighting is essential for luminous efficiency. The following are some maintenance recommendations based on common sense.


Important Maintenance Tips


  1. Regular Dust Removal


The moving yoke of outdoor moving head lights and the seam of their lampshade conceal dust easily; therefore, a vacuum cleaner or wet rag must be used to clear the surface dust. Because the surface of the coating is fragile and readily scratched, it is incompatible with strong acid and alkaline cleaning agents. In addition, the air input and outlet of stage lighting and lanterns with air vents must be routinely cleaned.


  1. Obligatory Internal Audit


It is vital to inspect electrical components, mechanical components, and optical settings. Ensure that all of the moving head outdoor light’s conductors are in excellent contact with its internal cables. The moving components of the moving head lights must be adequately lubricated.


Identify A Dependable Stage Lighting Equipment Supplier


Whether for precautions or routine maintenance, it is essential to acquire high-quality outdoor moving head lights from a reputable stage lighting equipment distributor.


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