What functions do stage lights serve in a venue?

More and more frequently, audio and lighting are used in Parties, weddings, and events, and many hotels are upgrading their audio, lighting, and led screens to attract customers. Can you imagine how many people will be drawn to a banquet and how passionate the atmosphere will be if there is a cool lighting show beforehand?

Types of stage lighting


The most prevalent types of lights for stage performance are beam light, hybrid light, wash light, and blinder light.


Beam lights, which are now one of the most important types of illumination, form the basis of a lighting show. Can function as a modeling light in a stage or T-stage, as an effect light in conjunction with music and scenes, as a spot light with a gobo wheel, and can also color flowers or stage props with prism. It requires a thick, sharp beam with a clear edge, as well as rapid response and movement.


Product development of LIGHT SKY


Sharpy from CLAY PAKY is the first moving head beam, and most modern beam lights are like Sharpy. From 2012 to 2016, the LIGHT SKY Bumblebee beam (X beam, F230) was the most popular moving head beam due to its high quality and impressive effect. Around 2017-2018, LIGHT SKY ceased production of the Bumblebee beam and introduced the updated version of its 230W moving beam, the F230II, which was also a market favorite. They also have 330W moving head beam- F330II and 450W moving head beam- F450II to accommodate various applications.


And in 2022, LIGHT SKY will release the LUNAR MAX, a 480W moving beam with a 200mm front lens that can produce an exceptional fat beam for large events.


A hybrid light or beam spot wash is occasionally used; its advantages include an adjustable angle, a rotating gobo wheel, and a controllable spot size. The reason it is not widely used is its high cost.


Robe Pointe series is the most well-known hybrid light, but the LIGHT SKY 471W Beam spot wash 3 in-1 light -AURORA is gaining popularity due to its excellent performance and competitive price, Particularly in Middle Eastern and Asian countries.


LED moving head was light consists of moving head wash light and non-moving head light (Par light), illuminates the stage and the audience and enhances the ambiance of the entire venue. The moving head version is more expensive than the Par light, but it offers more effective options. As a LED moving head wash zoom light, LIGHT SKY’s TX1940Z-oom is in high demand on the European market. It features an OSRAM 40W, RGBW 4 in 1 LED chip, a zoom angle of 5-55 degrees, and a lumen output of 10715 Lm. In 2022, LIGHT SKY introduced the 12-piece *40W LED moving head beam wash-PEARL WASH, which features a 7-to-55-degree zoom angle, FX effect, LED group control, and more. It is a beautiful fixture.




As one of the most professional stage lighting companies in China, LIGHT SKY focuses on providing intelligent lighting solutions for the entertainment and construction industries. With more than 30 years of research and manufacturing experience, it can provide you with high-quality products you want.