The Best Supplier of LED Wash Lights: Where to Find Them?

We all know that LED lighting has become one of the most favored and sought-after lighting options for everything you can imagine, from live performances to concert stages.

Now, it is without a doubt a sensible choice to make if you intend to invest in LED wash lights. We have put up this comprehensive guide to tell you everything about unrivaled LED wash lights to enlighten you with some amazing tips, trustworthy items, and supplier companies. With that in mind, let’s go to work.

What Matters in the Supplier Selection of LED Wash Lights?

We’re about to share some information with you that will help you get one step closer to the LED wash light supply you want.

  • A Vendor with a Variety of Goods

By their ability to satisfy all the specific project requirements, moving head wash suppliers should be evaluated. For instance, occasionally you need to combine a few various LED wash lights with a certain set of other bright stage lights to provide the ideal lighting effect. Choosing a moving head wash supplier with a variety of LED wash light products is therefore preferable.

  • Products With Quality Assured

The LED wash lights’ level of quality comes next. Always keep in mind that choosing low-quality manufacturers of bright stage lights is never a good idea if you want an attractive lighting effect to highlight your event. Therefore, be sure to choose a provider with stringent quality control procedures and place a premium on quality over well-known brands and high prices.

  • Patents and certifications

The best way to ensure that your prospective moving wash light supplier has the high standards, knowledge, and abilities necessary to give you an unmatched product of brilliant stage lights is to look for certifications and patents.

New Arrival TX1920 ZOOM from LIGHT SKY

Consider checking out LIGHT SKY’s TX1920 Zoom LED wash lights if you’re seeking LED wash lights with distinctive lighting settings to accommodate all of your color design effects. Let’s examine its standout qualities, which are listed below:

  • High-Tech LED Chip

The pioneering TYANSHINE 19–20W RGBW 4 in 1 LED chip installation design is included in The LIGHT SKY‘s TX1920 Zoom LED wash lights. Four colors are used in one moving head wash in the RGBW macro color scheme of these powerful stage lights.

Additionally, the color temperature range can be modified by the needed criteria. You receive the most consistent light output, therefore, along with high intensity, lumen density, and low consumption.

  • 30000 hours of long life

With a lifespan of over 30,000 continuous hours, LIGHT SKY’s TX1920 Zoom LED wash lights will provide you with a longer lifespan overall. In addition, these bright LED wash lights are not only powerful but also energy efficient.

  • Three Working Modes for Various Scenes

The three work modes of the LIGHT SKY TX1920 Zoom LED wash lights, which comprise the standard mode, the silent option, and the high brightness mode, are one of their features.

You could experiment with a variety of modes and build unique stage lighting sets with such a wide range of options. It will undoubtedly be helpful if you intend to emphasize various performances and stage performances.

  • 7-55° Zoom Area

Last but not least, the novel and clever zoom technology of the LIGHT SKY TX1920 Zoom LED wash lights allow for an impressive zooming range of 7° to 55° without making any shuttering noises while doing so.


LIGHT SKY, a company with a distinguished 30-year history in the sector, focuses on the research and development of producing intelligent lighting solutions that are extensively distributed and in high demand worldwide. Our cutting-edge items, such the LED wash lights, and other brilliant stage lights are created especially to meet the needs of the entertainment and architecture industries.