Three Tips for Selecting Moving Head Lights for an Outdoor Live Performance

As it is common knowledge that no live show can progress without multiple sets of moving head lights, this provides the audience with a clear indication of where to look for the show-stopper. Consequently, moving head lights play a vital role in enthralling the audience with breathtaking lighting effects.

Three Considerations When Buying Moving Head Lights

In a similar vein, let’s have a look at the three most important factors to consider when purchasing moving head lights from a reputable manufacturer.

  • Items with a Robust Brightness Beam

Since you are seeking moving head lights that can illuminate your intended location, it is obvious that your preferred lighting solution must have a powerful beam projection. In practice, a moving headlight beam resembles a laser light projection in that both are sharp and thin.

  • Extended Radiation Range, Robust Penetration

If you employed a broader angle of the moving head lights on stage in a location far away from the fixtures, the moving head beam would seem like a black effect with no clear visibility. Be careful to accurately calculate the distance between the beam moving head light and the stage or other regions where you wish to display the outcome. You can also look for a product with a long irradiation distance and deep beam penetration to satisfy your stage lighting needs.

  • Strong water resistance

Here comes the waterproof shielding for the vehicle’s headlights. In addition to being extremely brilliant with a powerful spike of beam projection, you should prioritize having a waterproof design. Choose a beam moving head light that is protected by a sturdy waterproofing coating and is not susceptible to damage from a small amount of water.

The Best Moving Head Lights for Your Next Live Performance

If you’re still having trouble deciding, don’t fret; we have a product that will fulfill all of your outdoor moving head beam lighting specifications. Undoubtedly, it is the “SHARK LASER” of LIGHT SKY. It is built with a durable aluminum alloy body and engineered to produce attractive laser beam effects with many stacked prism combinations.

In addition, the product’s effective and reliable laser setup compliments its long-distance penetrating capabilities, which are accompanied by its rich color changes. With a minimal beam angle of 0.8 degrees and an astounding brightness of over 439000 lux, these moving head lights can turn any entertainment stage into the focus of attention.


LIGHT SKY is a manufacturer of intelligent lighting solutions for the architectural and entertainment industries. Importantly, our qualification certificates and patents are sufficient to demonstrate our expertise in manufacturing moving head lights. Our 30 distinguished years in the industry are merely the icing on this outstanding list of accomplishments.