Things Beam Spot Wash Can Do for the Stage That Will Blow Your Mind

Stage shows producers, directors, and other support staff work round-the-clock to ensure the success of their productions. It is impossible to understate the importance of beam spot wash in stage productions since these lights inject life into your performance. The success of the entire production depends on how well these lights maintain audience concentration and keep them engaged with the performance.

What Can a Stage Benefit from Beam Spot Wash?

For theatrical performances, beam spot wash offers several advantages, including:

  • Focus and Effect of Illumination

Beam spot wash enhances the audience experience by bringing lighting effects and focusing on the stage. Any stage production will quickly lose the interest of the audience if they are not paying attention, but beam spot wash keeps their attention on the situation at hand.

  • Inspiring Feelings

Products for lighting are essential in eliciting the audience’s emotions. For people to relate to the subject you are presenting on stage, it is crucial to elicit the audience’s emotions. The greatest approach to setting the meeting for the stage is to adjust the lighting properly.


Modern stage show lighting applications benefit from the introduction of AURORA, a cutting-edge beam moving head light from LIGHT SKY. The following are some defining qualities and benefits of AURORA:

  • Multiple prism combinations& 3+1 Double prism wheel, which helps smooth rotation of the light;
  • A long lifespan canreach 1500 hours on
  • Offers13 colors + white and bidirectional and rainbow effects, which allows you to illuminate the stage as per your needs;
  • 23 ultra-quiet motors, so you do not need to worry about the noise of the motors, which can disrupt your stage shows otherwise;
  • Switch of the lamp can be controlled remotely, which helps you in turning them on and off immediately and promptlyduring the
  • The cooling fan of these LED spot moving heads is automatically adjustable, which ensures that the light does not heat up too
  • G-Sensor system can be used to adjust heat dissipation for lamps, which saves the machines from any
  • IP rating reaches IP20, which ensures the long life and performance of the equipment.


Leading Chinese stage light maker LIGHT SKY is revolutionizing the entire lighting business. We produce cutting-edge goods with over 30 years of arduous research experience that may be used in a variety of industries, from architecture to entertainment.

Since we were established in 1993, we have more than 130 patents and countless accolades to our credit. LIGHT SKY’s goods are widely employed in Chinese television stations thanks to our extremely effective technology. Additionally, our products are used at numerous national events, which speaks much about our effectiveness. Please get in touch with us for more details on LED spot moving head!