Nearly 300 LIGHTSKY moving head lights Backs Up Weibo Awards Ceremony 2023

Nearly 300 LIGHTSKY moving head lights Backs Up Weibo Awards Ceremony is an annual honor ceremony in China, bringing together top figures from the entire industry, including Liu Yifei, Yang Mi, Zhao Liying, Zhao Liying, Xiao Zhan and other excellent actors and musicians. Weibo Awardsor commonly known as Weibo Night, is a comprehensive honor ceremony hosted by Sina in mainland China. It was founded in 2004. The honor ceremony is a comprehensive honor ceremony for annual inventory and selection of hot people and hot events of the year. It was formerly known as Top Ten News Selection of the Year, Sina Network China Annual Selection, and Sina Network Ceremony.

LIGHTSKY moving head light—F350II is pleased to be used throughout the “Weibo Awards Ceremony” held on March 25, 2023, with more than 690 million viewers.

With 8 prism+16 double prism+prism combination, lens: inner diameter 169mm, F350II can create cool and beautiful stage scenes. It is compact and flexible in design, can respond quickly, keep up with the rhythm of the stage, and provide brilliant lighting effects.Unique USB software upgrading system.Tilt’s locked & unlock convenient function one-button.Tiny fixture, clamp system equipped & easy to installment.

LIGHTSKY 350W lamp moving head light — F350II has been favored by stage lighting designers for large events, like Awards Ceremony , sports events, concerts, etc.If you are interested in our product,pls get in touch with us, and our team of experts will get back to you as soon as possible.

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