What are the most Famous Music Festival?

Hot summer, surfing at the beach, and music festival surrounded by bands, DJs, singers. Enthusiastic audience  enjoy the carnival brought by awesome performance . except human being ,  unique stage design , cool sound and  fantastic lighting show facilitate the whole music festival into a high level. Today, i would to introduce several famous music festival in the world, and a little reference for your holiday journey.

(The following is an random sequence, not a ranking)


No.1  Coachella Festival

The Coachella (Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival), commonly known as the Coachella Music Festival. Coachella, is a music festival held in Indio, California every April, sponsored by Goldenvoice, which is owned by Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG), with a strong music lineup, diversified music types and the combination of music and fashion trends as a selling point. With more than 200,000 tickets sold every year [1], Coachella is the largest, most well-known and most profitable music festival in the world. The first Coachella Music Festival was started in 1999, started as an annual festival in 2001.

Every year, Coachella calls for a lower carbon footprint to reduce its impact on the environment. Participants who choose to ride with 4 or more people will receive a “carpoolchella” sticker and a chance to enter a VIP ticket draw. In 2007, the Coachella Music Festival and the Global Heritage Partnership organized a program to collect ten empty water bottles and exchange them for a new one for free.  Website: https://www.coachella.com/

(pic from coachella website)

No.2  Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC)

Electric Daisy Carnival, commonly known as EDC, is an electronic dance music festival hosted by Insomniac. The annual flagship event, EDC Las Vegas, takes place in May at the Las Vegas Raceway and is currently the largest electronic dance music festival in North America.

With each flagship festival, Insomniac Care donates a percentage of ticket proceeds to national charities and community organizations. In the past, EDC Las Vegas has partnered with fundraising platform Surreal to raise money from festivalgoers who can take part in helicopter flights and other events with popular DJS. Since 2011, more than $2 million has been donated to related groups. 

(pic from EDC website)

We can not only see EDC in Las Vegas, you can find more info about different countries held in website : https://lasvegas.electricdaisycarnival.com/ .

No. 3  The Exit Festival (EXIT)

The Exit Festival is an annual four-day music and art festival held in the fortress of Petrovaradin in Voivodina, Serbia, and is one of the major music festivals in Europe, along with the Glastonbury Contemporary Performing Arts Festival, Rock am Ring and Roskile. The first Exit festival began as a student movement in University Park in 2000 to fight for democracy and freedom in Serbia and the Balkans. Following the democratic changes in Serbia, Exit moved to Petrovaradin Fortress in 2011, but social responsibility has always been an important part of Exit Festival activities.

In January 2014, it was officially voted the Best major European Music Festival in the European Music Festival Awards with 360 festivals from 34 countries and 620,000 votes. Website: https://www.exitfest.org/ 

(EXIT Family Festival)


NO.4  The Glastonbury Festival

The Glastonbury Festival is also known as Glastonbury or Glasto. Founded in 1970, it is currently the world’s largest open-air music festival and performing arts festival. In its early days, it was known as the “Woodstock of England”. In fact, in addition to music, the festival also includes dance, comedy, drama, circus, cabaret and many other performing arts.

According to a report published by UK Music in 2011, the annual Glastonbury Festival contributes more than £100 million to the UK economy. The festival is staffed mainly by volunteers. Website: https://www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/ 

NO.5 The Strawberry Music Festival

Strawberry Music Festival is the china music label Modern Sky founded in 2009 music festival brand,” strawberry “temperament is diverse, with spring, romantic, love characteristics. Since its inception, Strawberry Music Festival has become an outdoor music experience that all young people must experience every spring, and is also known as the largest brand of Chinese music festival with the most popular and reputation. Held in many cities in China, Chengdu, Beijing, Xinjiang, Sanya, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Guilin, Shenyang, Guangzhou,Wuhan…To keep show on track, the 2024 Wuhan Strawberry Music Festival used LIGHTSKY(a local Chinese brand of lighting devices) hundreds of 300w IP66 waterproof whale beam.

(pic from strawberry Music Festival website)

  Stage lighting is important

Stage lighting is one of the big influence factor to create a perfect show, people dance with the rhythm of the music by ears  , but enjoy the lighting effect by eyes, the color , effects and movement of lighting enhance the atmosphere of the total show performance .  as a professional music festival , professional lighting equipment is requested , it is a must . as durability , stability and nice effect is necessary to run the whole show smoothly .

  Guangzhou, China , as the manufacture center of the world stage lighting ,  it enjoy the latest technology of the stage lighting ,so, When traveling in China, do not miss the chinese music festival , as t he scene atmosphere is very lively, stage design, lighting and sound, let me immerse in the whole event. Especially the lights, they’re just a kind of magic to make you love the music more . here specially recommend China Top stage lighting factory –LIGHTSKY, which established in 1993, and specialized in outdoor moving head lighting

More details could be found on website : www.lightsky.com.cn .