Elevate Your Stage Lighting with the Super Scope Plus Color Spotlight

From theaters and TV stations to large concerts and gymnasiums, the Super Scope Plus is the perfect choice for high-end performance events. We pride ourselves on providing comprehensive after-sales service and technical support to ensure your lighting experience is exceptional. Contact us today to explore the possibilities of the Super Scope Plus beam moving head light.

Multi-Functionality and High-Precision Optics

The Light Sky‘s Super Scope Plus series offers a remarkable 4-in-1 function as a beam spot wash profile moving head spotlight. This versatility allows you to create stunning lighting effects with ease. Equipped with high-precision optical components and a 180-mm-diameter lens, the Super Scope Plus ensures optimal light transmission and precise control over your lighting output. Immerse your stage in vibrant colors and captivating patterns, enhancing the atmosphere of any performance.


Long-Range Illumination and Easy Transportation

With its long-distance projection capabilities and high illumination output, the Super Scope Plus excels at illuminating large spaces. Its beam spot moving headlight delivers powerful and focused light, allowing you to highlight specific areas or performers on stage. The Gobo module, consisting of two rotating Gobo wheels, provides a wide array of pattern options, adding depth and texture to your lighting design. Additionally, the Super Scope Plus is designed with ease of transportation in mind, ensuring that you can take your lighting setup wherever your performances take you.


Color Consistency and Flexible Control

The Lights Sky’s Super Scope Plus boasts exceptional color consistency, ensuring that your lighting effects remain sharp and vibrant from the center to the edge of the pattern. The color wheel, featuring six colors plus a blank slot, allows for seamless color transitions and dynamic combinations. With linear CMY color mixing and linear CTO adjustment from 2800K to 6800K, you have precise control over color intensity and temperature. The cutting module’s ±55° rotation capability ensures clear and distortion-free cutting images, adding an extra layer of creativity to your lighting setup.



In conclusion, the Super Scope Plus Color Spotlight is a game-changer in the world of stage lighting. Its multi-functionality, high-precision optics, and long-range illumination capabilities make it the perfect choice for theaters, TV stations, concerts, and other high-end performance venues. With its exceptional color consistency, flexible control options, and easy transportation features, the Super Scope Plus empowers lighting professionals to create mesmerizing lighting scenes. Elevate your stage lighting experience with the Super Scope Plus Color Spotlight.