Moving Head Beam Light From Light Sky Becomes A Hit


Light Sky’s stage lighting equipment has always been a public interest. The high-quality lighting fixtures are destined to present a wonderful view wherever they’re used. Continuing on its path of impressing audiences, Light Sky made an impressive show in its appearance at the GETShow. 

As one of China’s most reputed stage lighting suppliers, Light Sky always aims to be the best at every exhibition it attends. And GETShow was no different. Instead, the team took their moving head beam lights at the show, which turned many heads around when the beams were fired up. 

This article discusses everything about the GETShow and how Light Sky did a mind-blowing job with its moving head beam light. 

What Is GETShow And Why Does It Matter? 

Guangzhou Entertainment Technology Show, simply known as GETShow, is a massive exhibition held in China. It’s the biggest pro-lighting and pro-sound exhibition in Asia. Lighting and sound companies from across the globe attend this exhibition to show off their latest and greatest products and innovations. 

Catching everyone’s attention at the GETShow is a big deal. As the exhibition is filled with reputed lighting companies from across the globe, impressing the attendants is a massive success. Not every lighting company has the chance to pull off something impressive at the exhibition. However, Light Sky did it. Instead, it put up an impressive show by exhibiting its state-of-the-art moving head beam lights at the show. 

Light Sky Created A Wonderful Atmosphere 

Light Sky took two popular moving head beam lights to the exhibition, namely IP 2021 Profile and IP 4000 Laser. 

During the presentation of these moving head beam lights, Light Sky fired up these lights in the exhibition. The lights performed exceptionally well, creating a beautiful and charming atmosphere at the exhibition. People turned their heads up, embracing the impressive show created by the moving head beam lights. Every reputed entity complemented the impressive output. 

The Two Moving Head Beam Lights Exhibited At The Show

As mentioned earlier, Light Sky exhibited its two latest pieces of stage lighting equipment at the GETShow, i.e., SHARK PROFILE and SHARK LASER. Here’s a short introduction to each of these. 


SHARK PROFILE is a high-brightness, IP66 1200W LED moving head spot and profile light. Its LED module source color is white and has a color wheel with five different colors that can output a range of beautiful colors. It can last for a long, long time due to its impressive lifespan. Furthermore, it doesn’t have any negative effects on the environment with its stable environment protection features. 

It’s a four-in-one design, meaning it can work as a beam, spot, wash, and profile light based on the setup. It can be widely used in an outdoor environment where a multipurpose moving head beam light is needed. The five color options can be mixed and matched to create an impressive array of unique colors. 


Aqua Laser is an IP66 waterproof moving head laser beam light. It’s ideal for usage in any outdoor condition with intense weather; stadiums, live performances, building tops, theatres — it can be used anywhere.

Working as a beam, it has a high-density, white laser source that can produce an intense amount of projected light. The uniformity of light density across the surface is quite good. Furthermore, there’s a massive, 14-color wheel that can directly project associated colors. Plus, you can mix and match the wheel to produce any desired color with ease. 

Key Takeaways

Light Sky is a well-reputed manufacturer and supplier of stage lighting equipment. Our factory and R&D center consists of more than 15 square kilometers of area. The manufacturing plant produces high-quality, dependable products popular all across China. Furthermore, the R&D team is always working its heels off to make the existing products better and create new market-leading products. 

Last but not least, Light Sky’s services are tailored to customers’ needs; our team will do our best to develop a tailored solution built specifically for the customer.