An Ultimate Guide to Know about Moving Head Beam Light


The beam moving head light is all about making an impact. It’s impossible not to make a strong impression with this form of lighting. Although moving head beam light is widely used, there’s always something we need to know about it. Below, you can learn everything you need to know about moving head beam light.

Knowledge of electric light source

When we’re talking about the moving head beam light, it’s useful to adopt basic knowledge of the electric light source. So, here’s what you need to know.

Type of electric light source 

Based on the type of electric light source, we can divide lighting into two categories:

  • Solid – uses semiconductor lamp-emitting diodes (LEDs) and other similar devices as illumination sources rather than gas. Examples of solid light sources include an electroluminescent lamp, LED, incandescent lamp, and flash lamp.
  • Gas – production of artificial light from combustion of gaseous fuel like methane, hydrogen, carbon monoxide, butane, just to name a few. Examples of gaslight sources include glow discharge lamps and arc discharge lamps.

The development of electric light sources

Electric light sources have come a long way to the point where they are modernized and used for different purposes such as moving head beam light. So, when it comes to the development of electric light sources, it’s useful to know these:

  1. Filament lamp – a type of incandescent lamp wherein the light source is a fine electrical conductor heated by the current. The filament lamp was developed in the late 1800s
  2. Fluorescent lamp – a low-pressure gas-discharge lamp that relies on fluorescence to produce visible light. The fluorescent lamp was invented by a German inventor, Edmund Germer, who applied for a patent in 1926
  3. High-intensity discharge lamp (HID) – a form of lamp with gas discharge that creates light through an electric arc located between tungsten-based electrodes placed into a transparent or translucent fused alumina or quartz arc tube. They were originally created in 1991.
  4. Light emitting diode (LED) – the first production of LED lights happened in 1962, but it will take decades to evolve this lighting to the level it’s at today. 

Applications of moving head beam light

Beam head lights are mainly used in explosive scenes like opening shows, dancing, and singing. The stroboscopic flashes create passionate visual impact effects. The moving head of the moving head wash light is particularly useful to enhance the intellectual art vibes and to form a gorgeous scene or create a romantic and warm atmosphere.

In other words, beam moving head light has applications in the entertainment industry but may also be used by clubs, hotels, and venues, as well as stadiums for concerts and sports events.

While the device is primarily used outdoors, it can also be used indoors (but in very large places such as big venues). 

How to choose the best beam moving head light?

The moving head beam light offers useful benefits, which is why you need to focus on choosing the right device. Here are the criteria to consider to choose the best moving head beam light:

  • Brand reputation 
  • Functions 
  • Brightness level
  • Colors and effects
  • Life span
  • IP rating 
  • Costs

Look for several devices online and compare them. Go for the beam moving head light that meets your criteria and general preferences. 

LIGHT SKYmoving beam wash head light AQUAPEARL-PRO 

LIGHTSKY’s AQUAPEARL-PRO is an outdoor moving head beam wash light, which is a multifunctional unit that serves as beam and the wash in one. Some of its main features are high brightness, individual LED control and varied options in colors and effects. 

The average life of this beam moving head light is 30000 hours. When it comes to the beam, the head light has a small degrees beam effect. The intelligent control allows the device to record its running time, channel data, and software version and display the device’s temperature. 

The rotating front lens provides a mesmerizing kaleidoscopic effect. Additionally, the integrated color calibration system ensures consistent color mixing.

This beam moving head light has an IP66 rating, meaning it is waterproof, oilproof, and dustproof. That’s why the moving head beam is suitable for outdoor use.


Indeed, beam moving head light is fun, colorful, and has several applications. This device is used across the globe, and it shows no signs of slowing down. The best option on the market is Light Sky’s AQUAPEARL-PRO, thanks to its strength, durability, and versatility. You are welcome to contact us for more details about moving head wash lights.