LIGHTSKY Super Scope Max:a higher level 1200W LED spot & profile

LIGHTSKY is thrilled to introduce a higher level indoor 1200w LED spot & profile-Super Scope MAX. As the latest member of the LED spot & profile, Super Scope MAX is suitable for use in multiple venues due to its high brightness, high quality, long life and multi-function, and has been chosen by many stage lighting designers.

This is a breakthrough multi-function LED light fixture – Super Scope MAX, equipped with an extremely efficient 1200W LED light source, which can continuously and smoothly cut any shape of triangles, quadrilaterals, sectors, arcs and other patterns to create interesting stage effects.

LED moving head light – Super Scope MAX has a professional and efficient optical system, 8x optical zoom, high light source utilization and good uniformity. Excellent CMY linear color mixing function, can mix colors into pure red, bright green and dark blue, linear CTO, can expand CMY color mixing, can also control the color temperature of white light from 6500K to 3000K, bringing viewers a richer and more realistic color experience .

With powerful comprehensive functions, wide zoom range from 6° to 50°, covering the preferred field of view angles for most theater lighting,  TV lighting , Big concert lighting , opening ceremony lighting , music festival lighting ,event lighting , stadium lighting etc .LED 4-in-1 lighting- Super Scope MAX brings unlimited creative possibilities to stage lighting designers. It also comes with a smart mute design that allows you to choose different modes for different occasions, and effectively control the noise of the fixture.

Overall, the indoor 1200w LED spot & profile-Super Scope MAX can unleash your limitless creativity and offer wireless possibilities, ideal for stage lighting designers.  Suitable for a variety of occasions such as shows, concerts, theatre and TV show lighting.