How many types of lighting control system are there ?

To create a outstanding stage event effect , a good lighting control would enhance the level of  stage lighting . Here we would like to introduce some famous and nice controllers product .


First one  :  MA lighting

MA is a professional stage lighting controller company in Germany since 1984 , their products MA1 , MA2 and MA3 are the worldwide recognized and used lighting controller , And since MA3 Launched into market ,MA2 have been starting the production slowly . except MA1 , MA2 ,MA3 these big size and comprehensive console , MA lighting still have one Dot2 controlling system , which is focus on those middle and small size event , easy to control.

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Most of Top stage lighting manufacture would buy a MA console to test their lighting system to make the the fixture’s software are compatible to the MA system , some factory would buy more to make sure their lighting designer are familiar to all MA system to support their customer. For example , Lightsky , a professional stage lighting manufacture in China since 1993, they have MA2 full size , MA3 middle size ,MA on PC fader wing etc.  And also you can find LIGHTSKY’s product’s library in MA system , such as IP54 400W beam -AQUABEAM, 230W moving beam -F230II, 580W LED spot profile -SUPER SCOPE.

Second one : Avolites Ltd

Avolite is famous stage lighting constroller company in UK since 1976.  Avolite have many classic product series : Pearl series , Titan series , Tiger Touch series , Arena series , and latest Diamonds series . Perhaps we have to say that 15 years ago , AVOLIE was absolute No.1 in lighting console field for its excellent performance.

Like MA, Avolite controller is also a necessary tool for stage lighting manufacture to test the performance of the moving head light fixture .

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Thrid one : High End system

For more than 30 years, High End Systems automated lighting, control and atmospheric products have been at the forefront of live production worldwide.  High end’s classic console product is HOG series ,which have already launched into 4th generation Hog4 . Hog console is highly praised by the lighting designer and be called as “ The first family automated lighting console .The Hog 4 was built around the way you work, which leads to legendary ease of use. Its tools are designed for programming efficiency, which means even advanced features like pixel-mapping and plot layout are optimized for programming speed.

Since High end system become one of part of ETC, the company enter into a new stage for ETC is a really a big market player who would help HOG expend larger market .

Hog console also conquer a small part of chinese market, but it deserve more ,as many lighting manufactures like Hog , LIGHTSKY’s lighting designer like to use HOG to test their moving head beam and led beam wash

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Forth one

Since 2003, ChamSys has harnessed the talents of lighting designers, software engineers and hardware developers to overcome the limitations of traditional consoles. The brand name ChamSys comes from the word chameleon. Similar to chameleons, our high performance lighting consoles and software programs are engineered to adapt to a wide range of applications for operators at all skill levels. Chamsys ‘s most classic product is Magic Q , which is getting popular in the world .  but the pity is in China , really few event use it , almost Zero .  So , all the Chinese lighting factory are have no chamsys console’s library available . it is not a good thing for Chamsyslighting .

Fifth : Compulite

Compulite is both a pioneer and an innovator in its field, serving lighting professionals in the Entertainment Technology Industry for four decades, it base on Israel since 1978. Compulite  is The first company worldwide to create a computerized lighting console, C-120, based on a microprocessor; a breakthrough providing Lighting Designers & Operators with the most advanced functionality at a very low cost compared to any other Mini-Computer solution. Compulite console system is widely applied to theatre

Unfortunately, In China , really few people know this brand .   so, no stage lighting company can provide compulite personality for the end user client .

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Sixth :ZERO 88

Zero88 founded just outside London in 1972 , almost 50 years of brilliance . Zero88 products have been the technological brains behind great lighting designs for theatrical  productions and live events. Now the most popular consoles they have is FLX, FLXS24 FLX S48.

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Hope our sharing would help you more .