Best Stage Lighting Equipment Tips You Will Read This Year


While you’re shopping for LED stage lights — or any other kind of lights for that matter — you need to have all the basic information about them. If you don’t, you won’t be able to distinguish the best-quality stage lighting equipment from the rest. Hence, it’s important to know your stage lighting tips before heading to the market.

If you don’t know the subject, don’t worry. Go on reading this article; we will share everything you need to know about stage lighting equipment. Let’s get started.

Common Light Positions For Stage Lights

Here are the most common positions of stage lighting equipment you should know about.

  • Surface light

It is the most common method of illumination. The light source is placed at the audience’s top and projected towards the stage. As a result, the front side of the characters performing on the stage is illuminated naturally.

  • Slap light

In a proscenium stage, slap lights are placed on both sides to produce a sense of 3D-ness. There are two layers, an upper layer and a lower layer — both of them are used to empower the expressions of the characters performing on the stage.

  • Side light

As the name suggests, side light is placed on one side of the stage to eliminate it from that side only. This setup can be used to produce special effects or to highlight a certain element of the stage.

  • Top light

To enhance the illumination of the stage, you can also put lights at the top of the stage facing directly downwards. Top lights are usually coupled with surface lights to boost the brightness of the entire stage.

  • Back light

This kind of light is projected from the backside of the stage towards the front. By doing that, you can enhance the three-dimensionality of the stage and outline the characters or other entities on the stage.

Once you have learned about these common light positions for stage lighting, read about the different classifications of stage lighting equipment in the article.

Classification Of Stage Lighting Equipment

The classification of stage luminaires is complex and can vary depending on the type of light source, movement, housing protection level, performance of the luminaire, stage installation area, etc. Usually, a product contains a variety of different classifications simultaneously. The most noteworthy of these are the stage lights, classified by their movement mode.

  1. Directional light

Directional lights mean a luminaire that is fixed in a specified position and whose head angle cannot be changed at will once the projection direction has been fixed. It generally has only a simple color change and is mainly used for landscape or background lighting. The spotlights, PAR lights, floodlights, backlights, strobes, floodlights, strip lights, etc., which are commonly used in stage performances, are mostly fixed projection luminaires.

  1. Scanning lights

Scanning lights, also known as lens-reflective scanning lamps, have a flat mirror outside the lens that allows horizontal and vertical movement. However, the scanning angle is restricted, and the consumption of the reflector is high, so consumers eliminate scanning lamps.

  1. Moving headlights

The moving headlight is high-tech stage lighting equipment integrating electronics, mechanics, optics, and heat dissipation. This kind of light has the characteristics of stability and reliability, excellent light efficiency, accurate positioning, good heat dissipation, and the structure of the lamp body and materials meet the ergonomic requirements.

The moving headlight is more of an art that shows softness and sensuality. The moving headlamp can create a peaceful and gorgeous scene by matching different colors and patterns, creating a warm and romantic atmosphere.

The moving headlamp, also known as the moving body lamp, is the most important member of the lamp family. It relies on a high-power motor to drive the lamp head, which rotates in a wide range of horizontal and vertical spaces. It has more driving power than scanning computer lights and produces a more intense beam movement effect.

Moving head stage lights are an important part of a stage performance, so care needs to be taken when purchasing from a professional moving head lights manufacturer such as Light Sky. Light Sky has dozens of products in the stage lighting equipment category. And one of those is the Aquapearl-Pro.


The new design stage light uses an original 19pcs *40W RGBW 4in 1 OSRAM LED light source, which, combined with the multifunctional all-in-one design, makes this moving headlight colorful, bright, and long-range. The IP66 waterproof, dustproof, and oil-proof housing makes it ideal for outdoor use. In addition to outdoor stage lighting shows, it is also suitable for outdoor lighting projects such as city skyscrapers, parks, and large commercial complexes.

Make A Conclusion

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