Using and Maintenance Tips for Outdoor Moving Head Lights


Outdoor moving head light is an important category of stage lighting, mainly used for stage lighting surface light, side light, etc. Outdoor moving head light can extend its service life through reasonable use and regular maintenance, saving the cost of frequent repair and purchase of new lamps and lanterns. And it can bring the outdoor moving head light to the best condition at the same time.

Practical Using Tips:

As a set of electronic devices, mechanical equipment, electronic optics as one of the new technology products, outdoor moving head lights are properly used to extend its service life and bring higher economic benefits.

1.Choose Lights with Waterproof Function

The mechanical properties of the stage light body require that it is not deformed, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, shock-resistant, and pressure-resistant during continuous effective work. In particular, the outdoor moving head lights must have strict waterproof, dustproof, anti-static, moisture-proof requirements.

Generally speaking, the protection level of the outdoor stage lights is IP44. But the waterproof level of the outdoor moving head lights from Light Sky has reached IP66, which are adaptable to harsher environments.

2.Design and Use the Appropriate Circuit

Using the appropriate circuit guarantees the normal operation of stage lights. If the power supply current and voltage are insufficient, it may affect the outdoor moving head light’s luminous quantity and luminous effect.

3.Prevent High Voltage and Electric Shock

Though outdoor moving head lights have a higher level of waterproofing than ordinary stage lights, it is prohibited to use them in a thunderstorm or wet environment. However, if it must be used, try to purchase stage lights that take anti-static measures during processing and use stage lighting rain cover.

4.Pay Attention to Heat Dissipation

Before using, it is best to have a low-temperature preheating. Outdoor moving head light optimal ambient temperature should not exceed 45℃, if more than this value needs to be suspended to make and make the lamps cool. Too high a temperature will make the LED working current rise, directly affecting the service life of LED products.

In addition to the correct use to avoid the improper operation of stage lighting equipment damage, routine stage lighting maintenance is also important for luminous efficiency. The following are some common-sense maintenance tips.

Important Maintenance Tips


1.Regular Dust Removal

The moving yoke of outdoor moving head lights and the seam of their lampshade are easy to hide dust, so you need to use a vacuum cleaner or a wet rag to remove the surface dust. The parts coated with color film could not be cleaned with strong acid and alkali solvents because the coating surface is brittle and easily scratched. In addition, stage lamps and lanterns with air vents need to clean the air inlet and outlet regularly.

2.Mandatory Internal Inspection

Inspecting electrical parts, mechanical parts, and optical settings is essential. Make sure that all conductors of the outdoor moving head light have good contact with the integrity of its internal cables. The moving parts of the moving head lights should have sufficient lubricant.


Find A Trusted Stage Lighting Equipment Supplier

Whether it is precautions or routine maintenance, the most fundamental way is to procure high-quality outdoor moving head lights from a reliable stage lighting equipment supplier.

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