3 Best Outdoor LED Par Lights From Light Sky


Outdoor stage lighting equipment is widely used for various purposes these days. However, not all manufacturers produce their equipment with love and care. Take the most commonly used outdoor LED stage lights; there are hundreds of different designs, materials, and qualities of outdoor LED par lights on the market. Unfortunately, not all of these par lights are made equal. If you don’t choose your outdoor LED moving headlights from a high-quality manufacturer, you may face many quality issues later.

In this article, you learn about everything there is to know about LED par lights, as well as the top 3 options from Light Sky, a trusted stage lighting equipment supplier. Let’s get started.


What Are Outdoor LED Par Lights?

An outdoor LED par light is a piece of highly-concentrated lighting equipment, particularly used for creating intensified illumination. That means the light rays coming out of an LED par light are very directional, and they don’t spread out from their path that much. Due to this property, outdoor LED par lights are widely used in outdoor events and activities.

Compared to traditional par lights that only use a single light bulb, an LED par light has multiple LED light sources inside now. More noteworthy is that the new design LED par light can produce a light beam up to 4 times stronger from a good manufacturer.

Advantages Of  Using Outdoor LED Par Lights

Outdoor LED par lights offer several benefits. First, they are widely accepted for different use cases due to their power efficiency, safety, and silent functionality. Here are all the top benefits of using LED par lights.

  1. Energy Efficiency

First and foremost, outdoor LED par lights are very energy efficient. Compared to halogen or incandescent bulbs, an LED par light can save up to 85% more energy. Due to that reason, many users pick it over other available options to reduce their energy consumption bills.

  1. No Flickering

Normal lights usually flicker, meaning their brightness doesn’t continuously stay at 100%. If you’re exposed to flickering lights for an extended period, your eyes may get strained and cause minor medical issues. However, outdoor LED par lights don’t flicker, i.e., their brightness stays at 100% continuously. For that reason, LED par lights don’t cause any strain on your eyes.

  1. No UV Rays

LED par lights don’t produce any UV rays, meaning the number of UV rays coming out is 0%. For that reason, they are safe to use in any circumstance. If you didn’t already know, many other traditional light sources would emit a small number of UV rays, which can cause many health complexities in humans. But due to their zero UV emission properties, LED par lights are completely safe to use, even for extended periods.

  1. No High Voltage Required

An outdoor LED par light comprises several smaller light-emitting diodes (LEDs). However, they don’t require a high level of voltage or current to operate. Hence, they work well with low-voltage power supplies, saving energy and producing less heat in the process.

Excellent Outdoor LED Par Lights From Light Sky

As an experienced stage lighting equipment supplier with over 27 years, Light Sky is committed to researching, developing, and producing various LED moving head lights. Here are the 3 best outdoor LED par lights you can get from Light Sky right away.

  • PL1915

PL1915 is an energy-saving and environmentally friendly outdoor LED par light with 19 pcs *15W RGBW LED. High brightness and colorful light sources can be preset with different color temperature effects and be used in different scenes. It has a one-button lighting function that can flexibly and quickly switch lighting effects in different scenes, which is very convenient. It also has the 16 Bit delicate dimming technology, showing natural and smooth lights. What’s more, PL1915 has a die-cast aluminum body that is light and durable for outdoor use.

  • IPL715N

This model is a super-bright, compact-design outdoor LED par light with 7 pcs *15W LED par, suitable for areas where you don’t have a lot of room. This little beast can produce a 4 in 1 RGBW color scheme. Weighing only 3.7kgs, this light is well-suited for any outdoor condition due to its IP65 dust and water resistance. And it is made by the long life span LED theory which is just 30% weaker after 20000 hours using.

  • PL1215

It is the best option for use in rugged environments. That’s because PL1215 is 12 pcs *15W LED par, which has an anti-high temperature, anti-aging, and anti-UV construction. Furthermore, it has a built-in color calibration system that can produce several color combinations. Combine that with the IP66 rating, and you have an outdoor LED par light that will last you for a lifetime. The zoom angle is from 7 to 55 degree.

The Bottom Line

Due to the versatility and power of Light Sky’s professional moving head lights, they’re widely accepted in different events and activities. For example, Light Sky’s equipment was used and appreciated in Eurovision 2016, Hard Bass 2018, and many other important events.

In its current facility that spans more than 15,000 square meters, Light Sky manufacturers high-quality products and performs R&D on them to improve their quality. Light Sky currently holds more than 130 patents linked to innovative lighting technologies. If you’re looking for a supplier to purchase the highest-quality lighting equipment that you can rely on, then Light Sky is the way to go.