Transform Your Stage with LIGHT SKY’s MINI LASER AQUA White Laser Light

With a sharp 128mm beam, 1.1° angle, and an impressive luminance of 180000lux at 10 meters, the MINI LASER AQUA is perfect for large-scale events. Featuring a color wheel with 12 colors, a bi-directional rainbow effect, gobos, and a modular design, this compact and lightweight white laser light transforms any stage with its precision and power. Elevate your performance effortlessly with the MINI LASER AQUA from Light Sky.

Powerful Light Source

The MINI LASER AQUA is equipped with a 100W white laser light source, providing a powerful and intense beam that illuminates your stage with clarity and brilliance. This high-power light source ensures that your performances are vibrant and visually stunning, leaving a lasting impression on your audience.


Versatile Beam Angle and Lens Diameter

Light Sky’s MINI LASER AQUA features a precise beam angle of 1.1 degrees, allowing for focused and impactful lighting effects. The 128mm diameter front lens enhances the precision and clarity of the beam, ensuring that your stage is bathed in a captivating white laser light.


Dynamic Effects and Modular Design

The MINI LASER AQUA offers a range of dynamic effects to enhance your stage performances. With a color wheel featuring 12 vibrant colors and a bi-directional rainbow effect, you can create mesmerizing lighting displays. The static gobo wheel with 14 fixed gobos and a blank space allows for creative customization. Additionally, the modular design of this white laser light ensures easy setup and versatility, allowing you to adapt and optimize your lighting configurations effortlessly.



Light Sky‘s MINI LASER AQUA White Laser Light is a powerful and precise lighting solution for high-end users. With its sharp beam, versatile beam angle, and impressive luminance, this white laser light is perfect for large-scale events and performances. The color wheel with 12 colors, bi-directional rainbow effect, and gobos offer dynamic and creative lighting possibilities. The modular design ensures easy setup and adaptability. Elevate your stage performances effortlessly with the precision and power of the MINI LASER AQUA from Light Sky.