Discover the Power of Light Sky’s SUPER SHARK BEAM Commercial Light Fixtures

Our outdoor moving headlight has an IP66 waterproof rating, a CMY endless color mixing technology, and a high-definition, accuracy lens. It is made especially to provide brilliant, focused illumination for large-scale commercial events, such as music festivals and cultural tourism gatherings, that take place both indoors and outside. For more information about Light Sky‘s cutting-edge waterproof moving head beam light, get in touch with us right now.

Advanced Lens for Optimal Performance

At Light Sky, we prioritize performance and precision. The SUPER SHARK BEAM Commercial Light Fixtures are equipped with high-definition and high-precision optical front lenses. These advanced lenses ensure optimal light distribution and maximum clarity, allowing your commercial performances to shine with brilliance. Experience superior lighting quality and precision with the SUPER SHARK BEAM Commercial Light Fixtures.


Powerful Beam for Impactful Illumination

The SUPER SHARK BEAM series delivers a powerful beam that leaves a lasting impression. With a diameter of 252mm lens, this commercial light fixture produces a strong and sharp beam that illuminates your space with intensity. Whether you’re highlighting architectural structures or creating dramatic effects on stage, the SUPER SHARK BEAM offers the power and impact you need for your commercial lighting needs.


Stunning Illumination with Advanced Color Mixing

Light Sky’s SUPER SHARK BEAM Commercial Light Fixtures utilize the CMY infinite color mixing system to deliver stunning illumination performance. With this advanced color mixing system, you have endless possibilities to create vibrant and dynamic lighting effects for your commercial performances. From subtle hues to bold and saturated colors, the SUPER SHARK BEAM allows you to unleash your creativity and captivate your audience.



Light Sky’s SUPER SHARK BEAM Commercial Light Fixtures are designed to bring power and versatility to your commercial lighting projects. With advanced lens technology, these fixtures ensure optimal performance and precision. Experience the impact of a powerful beam with the SUPER SHARK BEAM’s 252mm lens, providing sharp and intense illumination. The advanced CMY infinite color mixing system allows you to create stunning lighting effects that enhance your commercial performances. Additionally, the IP66-level waterproofing makes the SUPER SHARK BEAM suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.