Light Up the Outdoors with Light Sky’s Outdoor Beam Light

Crafted with precision and performance in mind, the AQUABEAM400LL-E outdoor beam light epitomizes innovation and excellence. Designed to exceed expectations, this exceptional fixture redefines outdoor lighting, setting a new standard for aesthetics and functionality. With a focus on quality and reliability, our outdoor beam light is engineered to enhance the ambiance of any outdoor setting, from gardens and pathways to architectural facades and event spaces.

Powerful Light Source for Brilliant Illumination

The AQUABEAM400LL-E outdoor beam light features a 400W Ushio NSL 400L lamp with a temperature of 7300K. This high-intensity lamp delivers brilliant illumination, ensuring that your outdoor space is well-lit and captivating. With a lamp life span of up to 2000 hours in normal mode or 6000 hours in eco mode, you can rely on the longevity and performance of our outdoor beam light.


Versatile Color, Gobo, and Effects

We believe in providing outdoor lighting solutions that offer versatility and creative possibilities. Light Sky’s AQUABEAM400LL-E outdoor beam light comes with an array of color, gobo, and effects options to elevate your lighting designs. With 14 colors plus a blank, including built-in 2500K and 3200K CTO, you have a wide range of color choices to set the mood and ambiance. The fixed gobo wheel offers 11 gobos plus a blank and 3 animation gobos, allowing you to project captivating patterns and images. Additionally, the prism options, including an 8-facet prism, 16-facet prism, and prism combinations, provide stunning visual effects that will mesmerize your audience.


Enhanced Control and Precision

Light Sky‘s AQUABEAM400LL-E outdoor beam light is designed to provide enhanced control and precision over your lighting effects. The linear electronic focus allows you to precisely adjust the focus of the beam, ensuring crisp and sharp projections. The φ168 optical lens, with its high precision optical lens structure, guarantees exceptional light distribution and coverage. With adjustable independent frost effect, strobe options, and a super smooth dimmer ranging from 0 to 100%, you have complete control over the atmosphere and dynamics of your outdoor space.



Light Sky’s AQUABEAM400LL-E waterproof light fixtures are game-changer in the world of outdoor lighting. With its powerful light source, versatile color and gobo options, and enhanced control features, it empowers you to create captivating and immersive lighting experiences. Whether you’re illuminating architectural landmarks, outdoor events, or landscape features, our outdoor beam light will elevate the ambiance and aesthetics of your outdoor space.