Illuminate with Brilliance: Light Sky’s Beam Moving Light

In this article, we are thrilled to introduce our remarkable product, the Beam Moving Light. As a leading brand, we strive to offer cutting-edge technology and versatile features that empower lighting enthusiasts to create captivating visual experiences. Join us as we explore the extraordinary capabilities of our SUPER SCOPE Beam Moving Light.

Dynamic Colors and Effects for Immersive Lighting Designs

At Light Sky, we understand the power of vibrant colors and captivating effects in transforming any space. Our SUPER SCOPE Beam Moving Light features a color wheel with 8 colors plus a white option and a bi-directional rotating rainbow effect. With our linear CMY + CTO color mixing system, you have precise control over color blending and seamless transitions. Experience the magic as your lighting design comes to life, captivating audiences with stunning hues and mesmerizing effects.


Versatility and Creativity with Gobos, Prisms, and Frost

Light Sky’s moving head beam light offers a range of creative possibilities with its gobos, prisms, and frost effects. The fixed gobo wheel includes φ138 gobos with 9+1 white options, featuring a bi-directional flow water animation effect. The rotation gobo wheel introduces 7+1 white gobos with the same captivating flow water animation effect. With a combination of 4 prisms, a 16-facet prism, and prism combinations, you can create intricate and dynamic patterns. The two-level frost effect, with options of 1° and 10°, allows for stunning superposition and adds depth to your lighting compositions.


Precision and Control with Adjustable Zoom and Focus

We believe in providing lighting solutions that offer precision and flexibility. Light Sky’s SUPER SCOPE Beam Moving Light features a φ127 combination lens with high precision and linear electronic adjustment for focus. This ensures that your lighting design is crisp and clear, highlighting every detail with precision. The adjustable zoom angle, ranging from 6° to 50°, allows you to adapt your lighting effects to different spaces and applications. Enjoy the freedom to create immersive visual experiences that leave a lasting impact.



In conclusion, Light Sky’s SUPER SCOPE Beam Moving Light is a game-changer in the world of professional lighting. With its dynamic colors, mesmerizing effects, and precise control, it empowers lighting enthusiasts to unleash their creativity and deliver immersive visual experiences. Whether you’re working on a concert, a theatrical production, or a corporate event, our Beam Moving Light will exceed your expectations. Contact Light Sky today to explore how our innovative lighting solutions can elevate your next project.