Unleash Creativity with Light Sky’s Moving Head Beam Profile

As a leading brand, we strive to offer cutting-edge technology and versatile features that empower lighting enthusiasts to bring their creative visions to life. Join us as we explore the remarkable capabilities of our SUPER SCOPE Moving Head Beam Profile. Designed to inspire and empower, the Moving Head Beam Profile epitomizes sophistication and performance, offering a blend of precision, flexibility, and artistic flair that transcends expectations. Whether you’re illuminating a grand stage production, creating immersive environments for events, or enhancing architectural landscapes with dynamic lighting effects, this cutting-edge fixture is your gateway to limitless creativity and expression.

Dynamic Color Mixing for Captivating Visual Effects

At Light Sky, we understand the importance of vibrant and dynamic colors in creating captivating lighting designs. Our SUPER SCOPE Moving Head Beam Profile features a linear CMY + CTO color mixing system, allowing for precise color control and seamless transitions. With 8 colors plus a white option and a bi-directional rotating rainbow effect, you have a wide spectrum of color possibilities at your fingertips. Let your imagination soar as you paint the stage with breathtaking hues and mesmerize your audience.


Stunning Beam Effects with Prisms and Frost

Light Sky’s moving head beam light Profile offers an array of beam effects to elevate your lighting compositions. With a combination of 4 prisms, a 16-facet prism, and prism combinations, you can create mesmerizing and intricate patterns that transform any space. Additionally, the two-level frost effect with options of 1° and 10°, along with the ability to superimpose the effects, adds depth and texture to your lighting design. Achieve stunning visual impact with precise control over the beams and effects.


Precision and Versatility with Combination Lens and Adjustments

We pride ourselves on providing lighting solutions that offer precision and versatility. Light Sky’s Moving Head Beam Profile features a φ127 combination lens with high precision and linear adjustment capabilities. This allows you to fine-tune the focus and beam angle, ensuring that your lighting design matches your creative vision flawlessly. Experience the freedom to adapt and customize your lighting effects with ease and precision, creating immersive visual experiences.



In conclusion, Light Sky’s SUPER SCOPE Moving Head Beam Profile is a game-changer in the realm of professional lighting. With its dynamic color mixing system, stunning beam effects, and precise adjustments, it empowers lighting enthusiasts to unlock their creativity and deliver extraordinary visual experiences. Whether you’re working on a concert, a theatrical production, or a corporate event, our Moving Head Beam Profile will exceed your expectations.