Brilliance with Light Sky’s Moving Head Spot LED

As a leading brand, we strive to offer cutting-edge technology and versatile features that empower lighting enthusiasts to create extraordinary visual experiences. Join us as we explore the remarkable capabilities of our SUPER SCOPE  Moving Head Spot LED. Setting new standards in performance and design, the SUPER SCOPE Moving Head Spot LED stands as a testament to our dedication to excellence. With its advanced features and dynamic range, this fixture offers lighting professionals and enthusiasts alike the tools they need to bring their creative visions to life in stunning detail and brilliance.

Precise Control and Versatility with Advanced Control System

At Light Sky, we understand the importance of precise control in achieving stunning lighting designs. Our SUPER SCOPE Moving Head Spot LED features a comprehensive control system, including DMX-512, RDM, and Art-Net, enabling seamless integration into your existing setup. With 27 standard channels and 33 extended channels, you have the flexibility to fine-tune every aspect of your lighting effects. The 30 pcs super mute motors ensure smooth and precise movement, allowing you to create dynamic and captivating lighting compositions.


Seamless Pan and Tilt with Impressive Resolution

Light Sky‘s SUPER SCOPE Moving Head Spot LED offers seamless pan and tilt movements, enhancing the versatility of your lighting design. With a pan range of 540° in 2.7 seconds and a tilt range of 270° in 2.1 seconds, you have the freedom to explore vast spaces and focus your light precisely where you desire. The impressive pan/tilt resolution of 2.11°/1.05° ensures smooth and accurate movements, enabling you to create impactful lighting effects that captivate your audience.


User-Friendly Interface and Convenient Features

We believe in providing lighting solutions that are user-friendly and efficient. Light Sky’s moving head beam light features a 2.8-inch resistive color touch screen display with excellent pressure sensitivity. The display panel allows for easy navigation and control, with the ability to switch between Chinese and English languages. The built-in battery ensures that you can set the IP address without electricity, providing convenience during setup. Additionally, the input signal isolation guarantees stable signal transmission without interference, and the advanced Art-Net function expands your creative possibilities.



Light Sky’s SUPER SCOPE Moving Head Spot LED is a game-changer in the world of professional lighting. With its advanced control system, precise movements, and user-friendly features, it empowers lighting enthusiasts to unleash their creativity and deliver breathtaking visual experiences. Whether you’re working on a concert, a theatrical production, or a corporate event, our SUPER SCOPE Moving Head Spot LED will exceed your expectations. Contact Light Sky today to explore how our innovative lighting solutions can elevate your next project.