Elevate Your Stage Illumination with the Super Scope Plus Moving Spotlight

Super Scope Plus beam moving spotlight, this versatile 4-in-1 moving head spotlight boasts a high-efficiency optical lens, low-noise heat dissipation, and a wide range of multi-pattern selections. Designed to deliver powerful and immersive stage illumination, the Super Scope Plus is perfect for theaters, TV stations, large concerts, gymnasiums, and other high-end performance events and venues. We take pride in providing comprehensive and professional after-sales service and technical support to our valued customers.

Versatile and Efficient Multi-Functionality

The Light Sky‘s series moving head spotlight is a true powerhouse with its 4-in-1 function. It combines the capabilities of a beam, spot, wash, and profile light into a single lighting fixture, offering versatility and flexibility for various stage lighting requirements. This all-in-one solution saves space and allows for seamless transitions between different lighting effects, enhancing the overall visual impact of your performances.


High-Precision Optical System for Exceptional Performance

Equipped with a high-precision optical system, the Super Scope Plus delivers outstanding light projection. The 180-mm-diameter lens ensures precise light control, allowing for sharp and focused beams with excellent color consistency. Whether you need long-distance projection or concentrated illumination, this moving head spotlight provides powerful and consistent performance that captivates your audience.


Cutting-Edge Features for Enhanced Creativity

The Super Scope Plus comes packed with cutting-edge features that enhance your creative possibilities. The Gobo module consists of two rotating Gobo wheels, providing a wide range of pattern options to add depth and texture to your lighting designs. The cutting module can rotate ±55°, enabling clear and distortion-free cutting images. From intricate patterns to precise shapes, this moving head spotlight empowers you to create captivating and dynamic lighting effects that elevate your performances.



In conclusion, the Super Scope Plus Moving Spotlight is a game-changer in stage illumination. With its versatile 4-in-1 functionality, high-precision optical system, and cutting-edge features, this moving head spotlight offers exceptional performance and flexibility for all your lighting needs. Whether you’re lighting up a theater, TV station, concert, or gymnasium, the Super Scope Plus delivers powerful and immersive illumination that captivates your audience. We are committed to providing comprehensive after-sales service and technical support, ensuring your satisfaction every step of the way.