Elevate Your DJ Experience with Cutting-Edge Moving Head DJ Lights

Our economic AURORA series brings a new level of professionalism and versatility to DJs and performers. With features like beam spot wash capabilities, 3 + 1 double prism effects, USB upgrades, hidden locking devices, and folding clamps for easy installation, these moving head DJ lights are designed to enhance your DJ sets and create unforgettable visual experiences. Join us as we explore the possibilities of these innovative lights and revolutionize your DJ performances.


Versatile Beam Spot Wash Effects

Our moving head DJ lights offer the ultimate versatility withour beam spot wash capabilities. Whether you need precise beam effects for highlighting specific elements, focused spotlights to create an intimate ambiance, or wide washes of light to fill the dance floor, these lights have got you covered. With adjustable beam angles and customizable projection options, you can effortlessly transform your DJ booth into a dynamic and captivating visual spectacle that complements your music.


Mesmerizing Prism Combination Effects

Take your lighting designs to the next level with the 3 + 1 double prism effects of our moving head DJ lights. These innovative prisms create mesmerizing combinations of light and movement, adding depth and texture to your visual displays. With various prism combinations to choose from, you can unleash your creativity and captivate your audience with stunning and unique lighting compositions. Elevate your DJ performances to new heights by incorporating these mesmerizing prism effects into your light shows.


Intelligent Upgrades and Convenient Installation

Light Sky‘s moving head DJ lights are designed to maximize convenience and flexibility. With intelligent USB upgrades, you can easily keep your lights up to date with the latest features and enhancements. The hidden locking device ensures secure and stable installation, giving you peace of mind during your performances. The folding clamp allows for easy and hassle-free setup, saving you valuable time and effort. Focus on what matters most – your DJ sets – while our lights take care of the rest.



Light Sky’s moving head DJ lights are the must-have tools for elevating your DJ performances to the next level. Withour versatile beam spot wash effects, you can create captivating lighting displays that match the energy and vibe of your music. The mesmerizing prism combination effects add depth and texture, transforming your DJ booth into a visual wonderland. With intelligent upgrades and convenient installation features, these lights are designed to enhance your DJ experience. Revolutionize your performances and leave a lasting impression on your audience with our cutting-edge moving head DJ lights.