Elevate Your Stage with the Versatile Beam Moving Light

The pinnacle of durability, environmental friendliness, and energy efficiency is this 580W LED moving head spot and profile light. The SUPER SCOPE offers the most expert stage lighting solutions for theaters, television studios, large-scale shows, and entertainment venues thanks to its clear and vibrant gobo projections, exact placement accuracy, high brightness, and long-range capabilities. We urge you to investigate the amazing potential of the SUPER SCOPE beam moving light through  Light Sky‘s official channels, regardless of your background in stage lighting, whether you’re a teacher, enthusiast, or expert.


Dynamic Colors with CMY + CTO Mixing

The SUPER SCOPE beam moving light features a linear CMY + CTO color mixing system, allowing you to create an extensive range of captivating colors. With the ability to blend cyan, magenta, yellow, and color temperature orange, this versatile fixture empowers you to achieve precisely the hues you desire. The bi-directional rotating rainbow effect further enhances the color capabilities, adding mesmerizing movement and depth to your lighting designs. Immerse your stage in a world of dynamic colors with the SUPER SCOPE.


Mesmerizing Effects with Prisms and Frost

Take your lighting designs to the next level with the SUPER SCOPE’s prism effects. Equipped with a 4-prism and 16-facet prism, as well as prism combinations, this moving light offers endless possibilities for creating striking and mesmerizing effects. The 1° and 10° two-level frost effects add depth and texture to your projections, allowing for the superposition of different frost levels. With precise control over the combination lens, featuring a diameter of φ127, and linear adjustment capabilities, the SUPER SCOPE ensures exceptional clarity and versatility in your lighting compositions.


Professional Performance and Reliability

The SUPER SCOPE is designed to meet the demands of professional stage lighting. It boasts high brightness and long-range capabilities, ensuring your stage is adequately illuminated even in large-scale venues. With its gobo clear projection, cutting-edge positioning accuracy, and excellent mute effect, this moving light guarantees a seamless and immersive lighting experience. Its energy-saving features and long service life make it a sustainable and reliable choice for all your stage lighting needs.



In conclusion, the SUPER SCOPE beam moving light is the ultimate solution for elevating your stage lighting to new heights. With its versatile features, including CMY + CTO color mixing, prism effects, frost options, and precise lens adjustments, this fixture empowers you to create mesmerizing lighting compositions. Its professional-grade performance, reliability, and energy efficiency make it the perfect choice for theaters, television studios, and large-scale performances. Embrace the power of the SUPER SCOPE beam moving light and witness the transformative impact it has on your stage productions.