Top 3 of LIGHT SKY’s Outdoor LED Par Lights

Now, outdoor stage lighting equipment is utilized for a variety of functions. Nevertheless, not all manufacturers make their equipment with affection. There are hundreds of various designs, materials, and qualities available for outdoor LED Par lighting. Unfortunately, not every single one of these Par lights is created equally. If you do not get your outdoor LED moving headlights from a reputable manufacturer, you may several quality problems in the future.

In this post, you will discover everything there is to know about LED Par can lights, as well as the three most popular selections from LIGHT SKY, a reputable stage lighting equipment supplier. Let’s get started.


What Are Outdoor LED Par Lighting Fixtures?


An outdoor LED Par light is a piece of lighting equipment with a highly focused light source that is used to create heightened illumination. This indicates that the light beams emitted by an LED Par light are highly directed and do not diverge from their intended path. Due to this quality, outdoor LED Par lights are commonly used for events and activities outside.


LED Par lights now contain many LED light sources, as opposed to classic Par lights that only use a single light bulb. The new design LED Par light from a reputable manufacturer may provide a light beam that is up to four times brighter.


LIGHT SKY Offers Exceptional Outdoor LED Par Lights


LIGHT SKY, a supplier of stage lighting equipment with over 27 years of expertise, is dedicated to studying, developing, and manufacturing a variety of LED moving head lights. Here are the three greatest LED outdoor Par lights currently available from LIGHT SKY.


  • PL1915

PL1915 is an energy-efficient and eco-friendly outdoor LED Par light with 19 pieces of 15W RGBW LED. High-brightness, multicolored light sources can be programmed with various color temperature effects and employed in a variety of settings. It offers a one-button lighting function that can vary lighting effects in different scenarios fast and flexibly, which is quite useful. In addition, it features 16-bit dimming technology, which produces natural and smooth lighting. In addition, the PL1915 includes a lightweight and sturdy die-cast aluminum body for outdoor use.


  • IPL715N

This type is a super-bright, compact-design outdoor LED Par light with 7 pcs *15W LED Par, making it suited for spaces with limited space. This tiny beast can produce a 4-in-1 RGBW color scheme. Due to its small weight and IP65 dust and water protection, this light is suitable for any outdoor environment. Moreover, it is constructed utilizing the theory of long-lasting LEDs, which, after 20000 hours of use, is only 30% less effective.


  • PL1215

It is the greatest alternative for use in harsh conditions. Since PL1215 is comprised of 12 pieces of 15W LED Pars with anti-high temperature, anti-aging, and anti-UV construction. In addition, it contains a color calibration mechanism that can produce a variety of color combinations. When you combine this with the IP66 rating, you have an outdoor LED Par light that will last forever. The zoom angle ranges between 7 and 55 degrees.


The Final Analysis


LIGHT SKY’s professional moving head lights are generally welcomed at a variety of events and activities due to their strength. For instance, LIGHT SKY’s equipment was utilized and well-received at Eurovision 2016, Hard Bass 2018, and numerous other prestigious events.


LIGHT SKY manufactures high-quality products and conducts research and development to increase their quality in its current facility, which is more than 15,000 square meters. Presently, LIGHT SKY possesses over 130 patents for revolutionary lighting technology. LIGHT SKY is the best option if you want to acquire lighting equipment of the finest quality from a dependable vendor.