Three of the Most Effective LIGHT SKY Outdoor DMX LED Par Lights

Nowadays, outdoor stage lighting equipment is utilized for a variety of purposes. This article discusses everything there is to know about DMX LED Par lights and highlights the top three options available from LIGHT SKY, a reliable provider of outdoor stage lighting accessories. Let’s get underway.

Concerning LIGHT SKY

The entire lighting industry is being revolutionized by LIGHT SKY, a major stage light manufacturer in China. Based on more than three decades of extensive research, we manufacture cutting-edge products that may serve a wide range of industries, from architecture to entertainment.

Over 130 patents have been granted to us since our founding in 1993, and we have received numerous awards. Because of our highly efficient technology, Chinese television stations frequently use LIGHT SKY’s products. Similarly, our products are used at many national events, which speaks volumes about our effectiveness. Please get in touch with us if you have any inquiries about LED moving spot heads!

LIGHT SKY Offers Superb Outdoor DMX LED Par Lights

As a supplier of stage lighting equipment with over 30 years of experience, LIGHT SKY is devoted to researching, designing, and manufacturing a variety of LED moving head lights. Here are the three best outdoor LED Par lights currently offered by LIGHT SKY.


The PL1915 is a 19-piece RGBW outdoor DMX LED Par light consuming 15 watts. It is environmentally good and energy efficient. High-intensity, bright light sources can be pre-programmed with a variety of color temperature effects and used in several environments. It has a very useful one-button lighting feature that allows you to alter lighting effects quickly and simply in different environments. In addition, it integrates 16 Bit delicate dimming technology, which presents natural and smooth illumination. Moreover, the PL1915’s die-cast aluminum body is lightweight and durable enough for outdoor use.


This type is a 7-piece, 15-watt, outdoor DMX LED Par light with a compact design that is extremely brilliant and suitable for tiny settings. This little monster can produce an RGBW color scheme in four distinct ways. Due to its IP65 dust and water protection, this light is perfect for any outdoor situation and weighs only 3.7kg. In addition, it was designed using the long-lasting LED principle, which after 20000 hours of use is only 30% weaker.


It is the best option under tough conditions. Because PL1215 is a 12-piece, 15-watt DMX LED Par with anti-UV, anti-aging, and high temperature construction, this is the case. In addition, it incorporates a color calibration system capable of producing a wide range of color combinations. In conjunction with the IP66 rating, an outdoor DMX LED Par light may last a lifetime. The zoom angle is 7 to 55 degrees.


All in all, LIGHT SKY’s extensive industry experience in the field provides us with sufficient credibility and a distinct competitive advantage over market competitors. Our high-quality merchandise satisfies the needs of international customers, allowing them to export their lighting products with pride.