LIGHT SKY is among the most effective lighting options for event production

LIGHT SKY creates DMX LED Par lights to illuminate any occasion. These fixtures offer a range of advantages, including as low power consumption, quick fade in and out, wireless remote-control capability, and water- and dust-resistance. Check out this post to see why Light S is the greatest choice for your upcoming production.

What is DMX LED Par light?

DMX stands for digital media exchange and is a lighting industry standard for exchanging lighting data between devices. Moving head lights, strobes, and other forms of lighting fixtures can be controlled by DMX.

The DMX LED Par light is a high-tech item that combines electronics, mechanical, optics, and heat dissipation. It is characterized by stability, dependability, high light efficiency, precise placement, and good heat dissipation, and its lightweight body and material construction satisfy ergonomic needs. Enjoy the aftertaste of the quiet voice and languid dance as you savor the Par light’s artful display of delicate and exquisite knowledge. The combination of various colors and patterns creates a soft and beautiful image and a warm and romantic ambiance.

Two types of DMX LED Par lights


-LED chip: 48pcs x 15W RGBL LEDs

-With high photosynthetic efficiency, high brightness, long distance, and wide range wash

-Built-in color calibration system, color mixing consistency.

-4 individually controllable LED zones.

-IP rating: IP66, Waterproof, Dustproof, and Oilproof design, suitable for outdoor use permanently.

  • PL1915

-Stable light source, energy saving, and environmental protection, long life lamp

-high brightness, colorful,wide range of application

-It can be divided into circles to create more dynamic visual effects.

-Ultra-bright strobe, ensuring fast flashing while maintaining light brightness

-16 Bit delicate dimming technology, four dimming curves, natural and smooth transition of light and color, good beam effect.

-It has a one-button lighting function, which can flexibly and quickly realize the switching of lighting effects in different scenes, which is very convenient.

-Ultra-quiet split design, die-cast aluminum body, low weight


Whether you’re putting on a concert, holding an outdoor festival, or just want to add a little more flair to your next event, our moving head lights will provide you with everything you need to create the ideal display. Contact us immediately for more information about our lighting solutions.