LIGHT SKY’s top recommendations for moving head laser lights

Can you think of a technique to make an orchestra concert, theatre production, live concert stage, or television studio more vibrant for the audience’s eyes without adjusting the head stage lights? The investment in lighting has ushered in a new era of stage lighting for live performances, which is currently utilized by nearly all professional show producers.

Moving head lasers: An Overview and Application

This type of stage lighting refers to fixtures that are either permanently installed on a stage or are portable and rented out to different individuals. Moving head laser lights have a moving head component that offers a variety of capabilities and lighting changes; therefore, functioning is maintained despite the diverse installation methods.

Numerous unique features make possible a wide range of user sectors. Moving head laser lights are prevalent in the theater, dance performances, choirs, live concerts, parties, DJ performances, and outdoor events, for example (this is the case where we especially use outdoor moving head lights).

Clear sky above the lighting region

In 1993, when LIGHT SKY presented its first product in China, the journey began. LIGHT SKY introduced the first domestic digital stage lighting system in 1995, while the company continued to expand.

In 1996, China manufactured the first computer light with an analog signal that was reflected. Two years later, the first generation of RGB250 computer moving headlamps was introduced.

In 2020, the firm introduced the AQUAQUAPEARL-PRO, a powerful outdoor beam LED moving head wash light, its most recent innovation and addition to its assortment of lighting goods.


The LIGHT SKY operates under the premise of being the next leader. The organization’s basic values consist of pragmatism, innovation, business acumen, and teamwork. Our goal is to provide consumers with a wide variety of economical, high-quality stage lights with expedited delivery. If you are interested in moving head stage lighting, please contact us for further information.