LIGHT SKY- The Best Supplier of LED Wash Moving Head Lights?

As is common knowledge, from filmmaking to live shows and concert stages, LED lighting has become one of the most recommended and sought-after tools for lighting anything imaginable.

Which LED wash moving head Lights Represent the Best Investment?

To make the most of your investments in the LED wash moving head light industry, you must understand which LED wash moving head light features are most effective over time.

  • High Brilliance

The high-brightness LED lamp beads located within the wash moving head emit a full spectrum of warm white light. Its high luminous efficiency makes the targeted spot shine brighter with a single wash that illuminates the stage with a brilliant white light.

  • Strong and resilient

The LED wash moving head lights’ flicker-free, constant current and solid metal construction makes them robust and resistant to sudden external damage. In addition, the most recent LED moving head wash lights are protected against water splashing.

  • Multifunctional and Long-Lasting

LED wash moving head lights with multiple functions are applicable in a wider range of situations. In addition, the lifespan of LED wash moving head lights is significantly longer than that of conventional stage lights powered by incandescent lamps. With a remarkable lifespan of thousands of hours, it will serve you well.


TX1940 ZOOM is the modern-day zoom led light that brings the following features:

-High brightness:700W

-Color mixing: RGBW macro color system

-Smart cooling system, low noise.

-Tiny volume & lightweight

-Equipped with latest USB upgrading system


LIGHT SKY, which has 30 years of experience in the industry, specializes in the research and development of manufacturing intelligent lighting solutions that are widely distributed and in high demand worldwide. Our innovative products, such as LED moving head wash lights and other bright stage lights, are tailored to serve the architectural and entertainment industries.