Light Sky: The Beam Spot Wash Moving Head Improved Performance Effect

The most common fixture in the light show industry is the moving head. A beam spot Wash moving head allows light to be cast over a larger area, giving your audience a better performance. This blog article can give you some valuable insights into how to improve your performance with your moving heads.




Light Sky is a professional stage lighting company that has been in operation for over three decades. We demonstrate a strong commitment to the research and development of various lighting equipment, as seen by our company’s profile and progress over the years.


The most astonishing aspect is that our company has been granted “Top Ten Lighting (National) Brands” in addition to numerous other honors and distinctions bestowed by the Chinese government, including Guangdong Television Stage Lighting and System Engineering Research Center.


What is Beam Spot Wash Moving Head?


Beam light is a kind of light mainly based on beam effect. That is to focus the light source on a focal point so that the light source can be more concentrated and emitted to form a beam. Such lights are called beam light.

Spot refers to the light whose main function is to produce clear pattern effect and pattern combination effect. The contrast between the pattern light and the beam light emphasizes the light uniformity and the effect of the pattern. The pattern can be zoomed in and out and focused. The beam light focuses on the brightness of the light column. The beam is sharp and full.

Wash is a light used for color rendering or background lighting of performances or stages, also known as soft light light. The light spot of the light is soft, and the light radiates outward from the center, without obvious light spot along the line. It can also be used as multi angle surface light. The color is adjusted mainly by the built-in color disk or LED light sources with different colors. There is no pattern disk or prism function. The dye light can also be used for outdoor lighting projects of urban buildings and theme park lights.


How The Beam Spot Wash Moving Head Improved Performance Effect


The use of a beam spot wash has the following advantages:

1)Rich spots bring to the stage an adjustable beam swing.

Depending on the demands of the show, the beam’s swing can be altered. For a stunning visual effect on stage, you can make it move up, down, or even in circles. Additionally, it can produce a dramatic effect and provide an unforgettable experience for your audience.


2)Effectively render colors for the stage effect.

As a result of the beam spot wash’s ability to render colors effectively, it can create stunning and vibrant colors on stage. It can be configured to simultaneously display a variety of colors or patterns. You can use this to produce a stunning visual effect for your show.


3)lessen energy consumption

You don’t need to purchase additional lighting equipment for your show because the beam spot wash can simultaneously give your stage a variety of colors and patterns. This can lower how much energy your show uses. Additionally, Light Sky’s beam spot wash can project a strong beam of light while consuming less energy. This makes it the perfect option for stage performances that require the use of batteries or generators.




While elaborating on the benefits of choosing Light Sky as your lighting equipment supplier, it should be noted that our lighting equipment continues to be the first choice for many well-known events and locations, like the Disney theme park. We have found out how to produce high-quality, cutting-edge equipment in its present 15,000m2 facility, which also serves as the principal research and development center. We hope you found this post useful; if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.