LIGHT SKY PEARL WASH is a flexible LED moving beam wash that displays a great color macro effect

LIGHT SKY is proud to present PEARL WASH, a new addition to the popular LED moving beam wash line. It combines beam and wash functionality, has extensive color mixing capabilities, high-speed pan/tilt speed, attractive FX effects, and a zoom range of 7 to 55 degrees. It is appropriate for touring, concert, and television show lighting venues.

The extremely precise combination structure

It employs a high-precision combination structure design, a glass pole with high transmittance, and a PMMA lens. With 12Pcs40W RGBL LED multichip, 500W of power, and 30,000 hours of LED life, PEARL WASH provides strong brightness, a long range, and a broad application range.

The excellent color macro effect

LED moving wash PEARL WASH features a dazzling RGBL color mixing mode (optional: RGBW) as well as a colorful rainbow effect with customizable speed CTO. With a high light output (2700k-8000k), a large zoom range (7-55°), and FX mode for a kaleidoscopic effect, the PEARL WASH fixture produces visible, bright beams with a wide, even, and clean wash area, resulting in a superb color macro effect.

Rotate remotely and continuously

This flexible LED mobile wash PEARL WASH features linear electric zoom, LED control effects with multi-point control (at least 3 LED chips), and a zoom system with linear electric zoom. Plus, its front lens can be rotated indefinitely! This LED wash light fixture’s fast XY speed, precise positioning, smooth dimming, and flickering under HD camera provide an additional dynamic impression.

Convenient and portable

LED moving wash PEARL WASH features a compact, solid, lightweight, and long-lasting design, in addition to practical features such as intelligent control and an automatic alarm for fixture failure. It weighs only 12.8 kilograms and is simple to install and move.

In light of this, the LED moving wash pearl wash is a fixture that may be utilized in a variety of settings.

LIGHT SKY Is a Dependable Source of Lighting Products

LIGHT SKY‘s recently introduced product, LED moving wash pearl wash, has several advantageous qualities. It is now time to see why you should trust LIGHT SKY above all others. If you examine the product from a technical standpoint, you will undoubtedly learn a great deal about our unique capabilities as a professional maker of zoom LED Pars.

In addition, our excellent industrial background in the industry gives us sufficient credibility and a distinct advantage over market competitors. Our high-quality products meet the requirements of foreign clients, allowing them to export their lighting goods around the world with pride.