LIGHT SKY LED Zoom Moving Head Light for Live Events

Do you need a moving light for your next live event? Check out LIGHT SKY, the leading LED zoom moving head light manufacturer! With models available in both standard and extended sizes, you’re sure to find the perfect light for your needs. Plus, with features like built-in DMX & IR control, wireless remote control, and a range of color options, finding the right light for your event has never been easier.

What is LED zoom moving head light?

LED zoom moving head light is the perfect addition to any live event. The moving headlight allows for a wide range of movement, giving you the ability to get the perfect shot. With a bright light and easy to use controls, this light is perfect for both beginners and experienced videographers.

The LIGHT SKY LED zoom moving head light is an essential tool for any live event. Its bright and concise light is perfect for illuminating performers and dancers, while providing a smooth and consistent beam. Additionally, the lightweight design makes it easy to transport and move around, making it perfect for use in both indoor and outdoor settings.

Features of the LED zoom moving head light

The LED zoom moving head light is a professional LED Moving Head light that features an industry-leading 8x digital zoom and 180° pan movement. It is perfect for live events, concerts, festivals, and more where you need to cover a large area or shoot multiple angles.

How to use the Zoom feature on the LED zoom moving head light?

Zoom is an important function on the LED zoom moving head light. When you zoom in, the light beam will become narrower and more focused. This allows you to create a tighter light beam for closer shots or to cover larger areas with less light.

To zoom in, simply use the cursor control buttons on the side of the unit. To zoom out, press and hold the cursor control button until it disappears and then release it.

If you want to keep your current position while zooming, just hold down the cursor control button and press the left or right arrow buttons.

Uses for the LED zoom moving head light

The LED Zoom Moving Head Light is a versatile and powerful light that can be used in a variety of applications. It can be used for live events, video production, photo and film production, stage lighting, product photography, and much more. The light can provide illumination for a wide range of subjects and provides an easy way to create beautiful lighting effects.