Light Sky LED Spot Moving Head: The Perfect Light For Your Events

If you’re looking for an affordable, portable and professional lighting fixture for special events, Light Sky LED spot moving head is the ideal choice. It offers a wide range of color options that are designed to make your event more attractive and the spot moving head feature allows for a variety of lighting angles and effects.



What is spot moving head?


Spot refers to lights whose main function is to produce clear pattern effect and pattern combination effect. The contrast between the patterned light and the beam light emphasizes the light uniformity and the effect of the pattern. The pattern can be zoomed in and out and focused. The beam light focuses on the brightness of the light column. The beam is sharp and full


The moving head can produce a new kind of light that can move around to create different effects on your audience. This type of light is perfect for events because it can create a variety of effects that can be used to enhance the atmosphere. Spot moving heads are also versatile, so they can be used in many different ways to create an engaging show.


The Light Sky LED light fixture


The Light Sky LED light fixture is a great option for events, as it can create a lot of illumination with just a few fixtures. The fixture has five beam angles and ten brightness levels, so you can adjust it to fit the needs of your event. Additionally, the LED light is mercury-free, so it is safe to use during events.


SUPER SCOPE MAX is a hot kissing product. Here are some of its features:


-Adopts 1200 watt LED light source, high brightness, long life, green environmental protection, low heat radiation;


-Professional and efficient optical system, 8x optical zoom, high light source utilization, good uniformity;


-With BEAM, WASH, SPOT, PROFILE 4 in 1 function, Powerful comprehensive function


-The CMY linear color mixing function is excellent, which can mix colors into pure red, bright green, and deep blue, linear CTO, can expand CMY color mixing, and can also control from 6500K to 3000K color temperature of white light;


-Professional cutting system, which can continuously and smoothly cut out transformation patterns such as triangles, quadrilaterals, sectors, arcs, etc. in any direction. The whole process of cutting is free of distortion;


-Wide zoom range from 6° to 50°, covers favoured field angles of most Theatre and TV lights;


-The heat dissipation adopts intelligent noise reduction design, with low noise and good heat dissipation effect;


-The display panel adopts a 2.8-inch resistive color touch screen with good pressing sensitivity.




Whether you’re staging a concert, hosting an outdoor festival, or simply want to add some extra pizzazz to your next event, Light Sky LED spot moving head lights will give you everything you need to create the perfect display. Contact us today to learn more about our lighting options.