Light Sky Has A Huge Variety Of Stage Lighting Options For Your Next Event

Looking for a new way to add some flair and make your next event memorable? Light Sky is one of the best options out there. It offers you the option of choosing from a wide variety of lighting options so that you can customize your party to exactly how you want it. Find out more about all their products in this article!


What is stage lighting?


Stage lighting can be a critical component of your next event. Light Sky has a huge variety of stage lighting options that can help you create the perfect atmosphere for your performance or presentation. From simple, understated lighting to bright and vibrant effects, we have everything you need to make your staging shine.


Our stage lighting options come in a variety of styles and colors, so you can find the right look for your event. Whether you’re looking for subtle illumination or dazzling effects, our lighting options are sure to please. We also have a wide range of stage Lighting Kits to choose from, so you can get started quickly and easily.


We know how important it is to get the right stage lighting for your event, so we offer a variety of customization options as well. You can choose from different light angles and intensities, or even create your own custom effects with our Custom Lighting Kits. With Light Sky’s wide range of stage Lighting Options, there’s sure to be something perfect for your next performance or presentation.


Light Sky’s top 3 stage Lights for sale


As one of the most renowned LED stage light manufacturers in China, Light Sky has been producing exceptional LED lighting for all types of events. Some of their finest stage lighting is described in the list below.


Follow Spot: F450 Follow Spot


With a 450W Ushio light, F450 has excellent optics, a smooth mechanical dimmer, beam angle adjustment, and a 360-degree rotational pan. There are 5 color paper clips in the color changer that can be changed randomly. It is designed for the most demanding of theatres, opera houses, and touring production.


LED Moving Wash Lights: TX1920Zoom


TX1920Zoom is a 19 pcs *20W LED RGBW 4-in-1 LED moving head wash; the zoom angle is 7 to 55 degrees. At the same time, it can be controlled in 3 different rings, a nice effect for the church. In addition, TX1920Z is super compact, and the N.W. is 10.5kg/pcs.


Moving LED Spot & Profile: SUPER SCOPE


Super Scope is a professional LED spot & profile, which adopts a 580W LED module, with 1 fixed gobo wheel, 1 rotation gobo wheel, 1 animation gobo wheel, and 1 color wheel +CTO +CMY. One professional framing system is 4 blades. Each blade can be in 8 directions. So, Super scope can profile any shape you need.




If you’re looking for stage lighting options to help light up your next event, look no further than Light Sky With an expansive variety of fixtures and lights, we are sure to have the perfect lighting solution for you.