Over 300 Lightsky moving head lights shine bright at the Shandong Xizhi Begonia Festival

From June 23rd to 24th, 2023, more than 300 Lightsky moving head lights shine brightly at the Shandong Xizhi Begonia Festival, creating a charming atmosphere for music lovers and musicians. This annual event in China attracts a variety of talented artists, including Wang Sulong, Famous performers such as Xue Zhiqian, and the landlord’s cat. A major feature of this music festival is the use of Lightsky lamps, which enhances the lighting effect of the stage and complements the vibrant music culture.

The festival is a celebration of music, with a diverse range of genres on display. From the upbeat sounds of pop and rock to the soothing melodies of folk and electronica, there is something for everyone to enjoy. But it’s not just the music that captivates the audience. Lightsky moving head lights add a stunning visual element to the performance, creating a spectacle that perfectly complements the music. Among the impressive lights on display, the LUNAR MAX stands out with its high-precision optical system, 200mm front lens, and super high brightness. This professional moving head beam light is perfect for events such as bar KTV, concerts, weddings, and music festivals. With a lifespan of up to 4000 hours and a quadrangular prism that creates a charming three-dimensional effect, the LUNAR MAX is sure to impress.

Another great lighting fixture from Lightsky is the SUPER SCOPE MAX – LED spot Moving Head. The light features a powerful 1200W LED light source and high-efficiency optical lenses to maximize brightness and beam penetration. With versatile functions including BEAM, WASH, SPOT and PROFILE, SUPER SCOPE MAX provides excellent color mixing through its CMY linear color mixing. Plus, it has a wide zoom range of 6°to 50°, making it a favorite of theater and TV lighting professionals. Its intelligent noise-canceling design ensures low noise and effective heat dissipation, while the 2.8-inch resistive color touchscreen provides easy control.

Lightsky Pearl Wash is another versatile Led moving wash light used at music festivals that meets the expectations of a professional mobile wash. It uses 12pcs x 40W RGBL 4 in 1 LED light source with a lifespan of 30000 hours. Its RGBL color mixing mode can produce excellent color macro effects through CTO color temperature adjustment (2200K-8000K). Led moving head wash Pearl Wash integrates light beam and dyeing functions, with high brightness, long distance and wide application range. Group control allows every 3 LEDs to be controlled as a group. Its 7-55° linear zoom, fast XY speed and accurate positioning. Smooth dimming ensures flicker-free under HD camera.

In conclusion, Lightsky moving head lights have become an essential part of music festivals due to their ability to create stunning visual effects that complement the rich and colorful music culture. They have become a popular choice for stage lighting effects in music festivals due to their ability to create stunning visual effects that immerse the audience in the music. Whether you are a music lover or a light lover, music festivals featuring Lightsky lights are events not to be missed.

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