-------the Final Contest of Singers

“Zheng Qi Dou Yan”------the Final Contest of ethnic minorities’ singers from Mongols, Tibetan, Uygur, Hui, Chaoxian, Yi and Zhuang” strong launched by CCTV Music Channel. The Champion Contest was manufactured fulfills by CCTV Music Channel, seven local TVs and China National Radio the Sounds of Music and Sounds of the National, and was strong support from many media such as Internet, Mobile Phone, Newspaper and Magazine etc. The performance was to show the new folk song with new melody.

After 3.15 party and Spring Festival Gala Evening 2013, Light Sky’s moving beam lights from the Bumblebee F330 series were part of the stage lighting installation once again for the CCTV performance. The Program Group said the Light Sky’s product features such as high brightness, full and sharp beam, superior speed, accurately positioning, perfect consistency, smooth cease, powerful functionality, compactness and high in light and design quality, decorated the stage colorful and gorgeous.

The theme of the contest is to develop the original Chinese Folk Music. Light Sky’s stage lighting products, the national brand, perfectly fit the contest’s theme. The amazing lighting effects with the ethereal Folk music were deeply enchanted all the audience.

Light Sky’s products were installed once again on the CCTV stage, which showed its lighting technology, product quality and brand effects.