Bumblebee series from light sky joined Chinese CCTV’S our Chinese heart program

Until the middle of June 2014, CCTV Chinese International Channel’s program “ OUR CHINESE HEART ”’S video records were finished , which includes 10 kinds different art performance .

This season’s stage lighting is designed by Director Guo Jihong directly , which attracted great attention from medias .

The theme of this season’s stage design is SEA, the inspiration is THE POEM OF SEA. So , to create a elegant y mysterious scene , it adopts 100 pcs Light Sky’s Bumblebee series 230W beam light ---F230 to cooperate with LED display. So , the program successfully showed blue sky, beach, bridge , sea port etc to audience .

The first program “ OUR CHINESE HEART” would be started on 21th June , time 22 :00 to 23:00 . and the next program would on each week’s Saturday. time 22 :00 to 23:00 . we believe you would enjoy the lighting show also when you are watching the performance.